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Chitral-Peshawar road closed after flooding in Drosh Gol

DROSH, July 13: Panic gripped the Drosh town and nearby areas after flooding in the main and three small streams on Monday evening.
droshAs a result of the flood, the Chitral-Peshawar road was blocked and a large number of passengers, especially those coming from down country to celebrate Eidul Fitr with their families in Chitral, remained stranded. The flood in the streams was caused after the glaciers in the mountain started melting with the rise in the temperatures.
The Chitral Scouts and police earlier opened aerial firing and blew sirens to warn the residents to flee to safer places. Contigents of the Scouts and police along with their officers were monitoring the flood situation.
At midnight when this report was filed, the intensity of the floods in the Drosh Gol and other streams had decreased and the security personnel started rehabilitating the road to open it for traffic. However, most of the people of the town and nearby villages were still out of their houses.


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