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Teachers advised to mind their own business

By Zulfiqar Ahmad
ISLAMABAD, July 11: Principal Government Degree College Chitral Professor Masood Ahmed Khan on Saturday said he would initiate disciplinary action against any teacher of his college found involved in politics or writing columns for local newspapers.

Talking to this correspondent on phone from Chitral on Saturday night, he said he had been informed that some teachers of the college were also involved in mudslinging against Principal Langlands School and College Carey Schofield.
“Under the law, a government employee is not allowed to write for any newspaper…it is a clear-cut violation of rules and also they cannot take part in politics directly or indirectly,” he maintained.
“I have no idea whether any of the teachers are writing or not but under the rules they are supposed to stay away from such activities or controversies.”
“Being a government employee you cannot take part in politics [and] if there is an iota of truth that any teacher is involved in such kind of activities, they will have to face the consequence,” he declared.
Professor Khan, who is also the coordinating principal of all colleges in Chitral, said once he got an opportunity to visit the Langlands college on the orders of a local court and was impressed to see the educational environment of the institution under the leadership of Carey Schofield.
“I did not find even a single irregularity or complaint about her [and] if any teacher is doing politics on the name of the school at the behest of some cunning people who are also busy in a propaganda campaign against me, they will have to clarify their position,” he maintained.

Despite repeated attempts, KP minister for higher education Mushtaq Ghani could not be contacted for comments on the matter as his mobile phone was switched off.

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  1. arif says

    Naïve hectic efforts to prove the ex-old lady Principal as the lone savior of Chitral. As far as the Principal Mr. Masood is concerned, here in Peshawar, especially in CM Complaint Cell, hundreds of complaints are registered against him in the form of applications, letters, videos, audios etc. which speak volumes of his incompetence, his rude behavior, his filthy language, his corruption etc. In this regard an enquiry committee is soon to visit Chitral, to find out the facts about his deeds. On his part even, he is under inquiry and how such a person can take disciplinary action against any staff. He himself has violated the government rules of business, while publicly threatening his staff. I think that the days of both Mr. Khan and Ms. Carey have been numbered.

  2. azizullah says

    Sir,you proved yourself to be a professional and honest,sir the support of the people will always with you.carry on….

  3. attusamad says

    The principal really deserve appreciation and support of the people of chitral for his wonderful job.the principal desire is to make the institution best among the k.p.k institution.sir our prayers alwayas with u.

  4. Irfan Ul mulk says

    I totally agree to Mr.Sariruddin comments.

  5. zahid says

    it is my humble request to all the senior students and teachers plz dont make jd school a place of dirty politics. it is not only a school for us but i think it is an aperutial place for the bright future of chitrali nation

  6. sariruddin says

    @ Fawad: no doubt everyone has write to express their view but no one has the right to pass any declaration against any organization. U might not know but these lecturers, professors, lawyers and doctors were totally out of control, passing a declaration against that respectable lady. They should Bs asked for such act and should b punished in order make this incident a lesson for others

  7. Alamgir Bukhari says

    I am amazed to hear that teachers are advised not to write on social and political issues. the rules also say that a college teacher must spent time in research and publishing. Teachers are not just there to teach in the classroom but they have to come up with ideas to guide the people and government.

  8. Fahim Jan says

    If the version of principal is true then he himself violated rules set for government servant. He himself is government servant and he not only give his version in media instead of calling explanation of the defaulting teachers according to him. If he is government servant who allowed the principal to give statement in media with his photo it is also big violation of rule if he is true in his statement. Does any government servant is allowed to give such statement in media and then take side of Ms. Carry Publicly which has become so controversial. Carry and Landland issue became very much controversial and up to the level of Pakistan Parliament the issue is under discussion. Why the worthy principal take side of one party in such controversial issue. First of all principal violated rule by giving statement in media being a government servant which is gross violation of rule according to his own statement. Secondly honorable principal took side of Carry publicly which is also against the rule, as government servant he should not involve himself in controversial issue nor he is allowed to take side of one party in media. If he learns that some of his teachers are violating rules he must call explanation of the officials/teachers instead of giving statement in media which is gross violation of rule. For such violation of rules secretary higher education, director higher education should take stern disciplinary action against the sitting principal. We have nothing to do whether Carry stance is right or Langland but as government servant one should remain impartial in the matter but principal remained totally biased in the regard and violated E&D rules 1973.

  9. Zahid Ahmed says

    Prof. Masood Ahmed deserves appreciation and support of the people of Chitral for his wonderful job he is doing as Principal Govt Degree College Chitral. He has proved to be a tough discipliner, who not only took some tough decision against the absenteeism by students and implemented the mandatory 75 percent attendance a student is required to meet to appear in exams. Some mischievous elements instigated the students and tried to create an issue of non issue but he stood firm. He also regulated the attendance of teachers and restored order and discipline in the college, and turned it into one of the best academic institution of the province. Hats off sir, your deserves our special thanks.

  10. Assad says

    My dear Zulfiqar Ahmad!.It is not journalism at all_it is indeed a Devils’ advocacy as reporting one sided story ad nauseam.You turned yourself into advocatus diaboli.I think you got my point; dear! a word to the wise.

  11. Ali Hussain says

    @ Mr. Fahad Ali, Zakaria Ayobi:
    This gentlemen is only trying to convey you and alike the relevant rules. Yes, everyone has the right to express his/her opinion and this right has been enshrined by the constitution, but I would like to advise you to go through the relevant article, Article 19 of the constitution,
    Article 19: “Freedom of speech, etc.-Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, and there shall be freedom of the press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defence of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court,[commission of] or incitement to an offence.”
    So this right is subject to reasonable restrictions and laws and the relevant laws bind any government employ intending to contribute to newspapers or appearing in electronic media in any capacity to take prior approval from his parent department. If some government employee exercising this right by complying the relevant laws, then its OK, otherwise he/she has to face the music.
    And the other thing is that no government employee is permitted to be indulged in politics and grouping. In the instant case, the government employees have formed groups and doing politics which is not permitted. But if anyone is hell bent to do politics, he should quit the government service and form or join political party/ or independently do politics, which will be a service to the country.
    Please contact Muhammad Ali Babakhel, Orya Maqbool Jan or the other mentioned here, who are contributing for newspapers or appearing in talk shows as a guest or host, whether they are doing so without approval of their parent department or not.

  12. Shahzaib khan says

    @ Fahad. Shah Fahad who are you to interfere and compare them. Your are the employee of SBBU moble university. Do you know in next phase a letter is going to vice-chancellor that university employer are involve in the dirty politics of TLSC. So mind your own business, these are the competition of writing. Who write the best the society know very better.

  13. Misbah says

    Before writing, the government employees must take prior permission from the concerned department. In this case the writers have been biased and leveled baseless allegations against Ms. Carey. If sir Zulfiqar takes up the matter with higher education authorities things will turn out nasty for those government employees who are writing articles regarding the Langlands School issue.

  14. Attiq Ur Rehman says

    As for as laws and regulation are concerned regarding the writes up, they will depend on the type and characteristics of the writes up; if a government servant writes a productive article or critically writes–obeying norms and rules of journalism there is no restriction on positive writings of government’s employees to media. If someone, whether he/she is government employee or not publicly harassing or teasing others or institutions through their articles or statements, the civilized society could not tolerate such kind of article and definitely action will be taken against him/her.

  15. Fahad says

    How you can compare these with Orya Maqbool and Yasir? They are unbiased and visionary writers. Please don’t insult them.

  16. Zakaria Ayobi says

    Orya Maqbool Jan, Maryam Gilani and Yasir Pirzada are some of the well known columnists who write for various news papers regularly despite being civil servant and they get paid for this also. What the honorable Principal is saying is not right this rule was imposed during Zia era and now it is no more illegal for a government servant to write for a news paper.

  17. Muhammad Ayub Khan says

    Sir, you proved yourself to be a professional and honest principal. I am truly grateful to you for all that you are doing for the betterment of quality education in Chitral.

  18. Fawad Ali says

    I don’t understand what this gentleman is trying to convey to us. He is so emotional and bashes everyone else who dare write anything in contrary what he propagating. Come on Mr. everyone has the right to express himself. May be you have a point of view, but in no way you can restrict other from expressing theirs.
    PS: Just go through this Dawn column by following below given link and tell who is the author? Isn’t he a govt employee? Or your think Dawn is a local newspaper where an employee is allowed to write, however in Chitral Daily it is more serious and not allowed as a result.

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