1. Shahzaib khan says

    Brilliant shahzad bhai.

  2. Nighat says

    Very true what you have written.

  3. Zia says

    It was today’s Dawn News report not an article I have read it earlier. To whom we can believe? Ur blaming high news report fabrication if so Chaudry Nisar have denied it till late hours. The issue has been raised in Senate. The chairman Senate Riza Rabani has also sought report from the interior Minister about the episode, it is for ur kind information.

  4. shahan says

    Mr. Shahzad Khalid you have given a beautiful analysis of the events. You are very right that Ch. Nisar is a reasonable and sensible man. Not so worthless unable to carry his words. In the political scene of Pakistan he is known for his stubborn policies. Another confusion is lying in the article of Mr. Zulfiqar itself. “Minister convinced to issue visa to Carey?” The question mark in the news itself shows the unreliability of this news. Now cheer up.

  5. Misbah says

    My dear first differentiate between an article and a news story then criticize a highly respected journalist.

  6. Haseeb says

    Mr. Shehzad, hosh ke na khon lo, the writer of the story is Islamabad based journalist covering parliament proceedings from Press Gallery to Business Recorder.

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