Chitrali student's distinction

ISLAMABAD, July 10: Hamza Wali, son of Abdul Wali, a resident of Shotkhar village in Torkhow valley of upper Chitral, got A-1 grade in the 9th class exam held under the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE).
Hamza1Mr Wali obtained 447 marks out of the total 485 with the percentage of 92.16% and clinched the top position in the school. Mr Wali is a student of the PAF Public School, Lower Topa, Murree. He obliged to Allah and gives credit for his brilliant success to his parents for their love and care and also to his respected teachers for their hard work and guidance.


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  1. Great Hamza congratulations to you and your parents’ keep it up. We are proud of you.
    Daneen Gahttak

  2. Mr. Hamza, great achievement. All our pray and best wishes for your future as well. Mr. Wali Congratulation for such a great achievement of Mr. Hamza.

  3. Heartiest congratulations, Me, my family and friends pray for your brilliant success in future endeavors. Hamza, Go ahead and keep it up. We are proud of you.

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