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Tree plantation, a good initiative

I am pleased to see PTI taking a good initiative for the promotion of forests. The present government of KP took a good step to promote plantation. This year, it planted 25,000 coniferous plants in small village of Madaklasht with the supply of saplings to the local people.
It is a good and beneficial step for the area and also a source of income to the poor people. Now a hope arises that this government will bring a lot of change in its turn and set a positive place in the minds of people for the coming election.
If every year at least this number of saplings are planted, it would bring a lot of changes in our environment and we can find our high mountains full of trees.
By this, we can control pollution and deforestation. After this activity, the divisional forest officers should be visiting the area and taking proper follow-up. It shows the seriousness of concerned authorities which is the key for sustainability and success.

Ruedad Haider
Student of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Chitral.     


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