2 Replies to “Debate on Langlands School & College – a rebuttal”

  1. I say if a BoG and a principal cannot handle firing 10 teachers, fire the principal and the whole BoG for such incompetence. It is like Nawaz Sharif firing Musharraf and gets fired; and I say Nawaz deserved every bit of it. Your basic argument that Capt. Siraj did more for the school than Langlands basically sums it up.

  2. With all due respects to Maj. Langlands, the original name of Sayurj School should be reverted to. Institutions are named after founders and those who payed for it from their pockets. Mr. Langlands has neither of the qualifications to his credit to justify changing the name of the school to his name. No doubt he has brought huge funds to the School by begging from every one but could not safeguard these funds and let them be squandered by his staff. Neither could he make the school stand on it’s own feet. The basic attribute of education is to instill self respect within the students, but the school continues to run on begged money so how can the students have self respect. All said, again with due respects to the age of Maj. Langlands.

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