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Executive officers clipped of judicial powers

judge“Paragraph 5(e) 7, 19 (2) Schedule III and other relevant paras in respect of function of Executive Magistrate of Shariah Nizam-e-Adl Regulations 2009 (NWFP Regulation No. 1 of 2009) notification SO(FATA)/HD/160-NAR/09 dated 02.10.2009 and other notifications entrusting the Executive Officers with Judicial powers of any nature are hereby struck down being ultra vires of the Constitution as (it) violates the requirement of Constitution and relevant trite law.” It added that any rule, notification or order issued declaring or appointing any person as executive magistrate and authorizing such persons to exercise powers to conducts trials and any other powers are also declared as void. However, convictions made and proceeding conducted by the executive magistrates are hereby saved and protected under the doctrine of past and closed transaction. Consequently all pending proceedings before the aforementioned invalidated executive magistrates are to be transferred to the concerned judicial magistrates or to the sessions judges (zila Qaziz). Whereas the PAS and PMS incumbents in Chitral are performing functions as assigned to them, in consequence of the PHC ruling, no longer competent to run the proceedings as executive magistrates in pending criminal cases pending before them. “Accordingly, it is ordered that all criminal proceedings pending before the defunct executive magistrates in District Chitral stand withdrawn from them with immediate effect and in turn trusted to judicial magistrates at headquarters Chitral, Booni and Drosh as the case may be.” it added. ]]>

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  1. Obaid Ullah says

    Good decision. The Executive Officers shall now be fully left to the use of Facebook for uploading their pictures with their official cars and guards. This is one of passion of most of the officers in our area.

  2. Nazan Khan says

    Bahot behtreen huwa ji, mager ispa dostan ACs ka kya hoga, mausoof AACs hooter shooter laga ker barei apne khiyalon me bare teer martei the. Thank you PHC for this wonderful decision. And a big emmmm to our dear AACs 🙂

  3. Irfan Ullah says

    This is a very good step as the executive officers are not qualified to perform the function of Magistrate. It should be the responsibility of the a Judge to perform these function as they are more adept at law and in a better position to take legal decisions.

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