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  1. @realist If I put myself into your shoes, you have a valid point but if you put yourself in my place, you will be able to see the objective side of the picture which I am advocating.
    I am one out of thousands whom sir Langlands supported from the beginning till now, not only as a teacher but as a guardian, friend, & adviser as well. I know Sir Langlands like a son knows about his father.
    Imagine for a moment, someone desecrating your fathers picture, his books, his daily use items, calling him by bad names, & not even allowing him to enter chitral & deporting him from Peshawar airport in June 2014, warning him of serious repercussions if he stepped foot in chitral etc. These are all facts which are not hidden from anyone in TLSC, not even a single statement exaggerated. How would you react? If you still don’t believe or trying to give deaf ears to whatever happens to other members than students, I can’t help you with that.
    Not indulging in further debate, I hope the case pursued in High Court is taken to its final conclusion, so that all matters including finances, expulsion & selection of staff, increment in pays etc will be made known to every one. Then, if court orders in whosever favor will be the real winner.
    Keeping fingers crossed.

  2. I am going through different writings and comments of people of Chitral for quite long time regarding this issue. They have different opinions and arguments, some are supporting Miss Carry and some are admiring Mr. Langland services but none of them think that why can,t we Chitralis manage the school by ourselves and why we are looking for a foreigner to manage this prestigious institution of chitral. This institution belongs to Chitral and its ultimate purpose is to educate the children of the chitral with the quality education. I would request to all Chitrali nation not to politicize the institution and come forward to resolve the issue before it becomes more complex.

  3. I am sure you are not parent of the two children in school, if you would be you would have different opinion I am sure. Being a parent of a child in the school, I have visited the school and its previous system and school is also known to me. My first child now doing BBA, after F.Sc in this school, and my child in the school now is performing well, receiving her report card on monthly basis. Every time the teacher is in contact with me, is concerned about my child.
    I have a respect for Major Langlands, he spent major part of his life in this school, and he in his time worked for education in Chitral, as he got old he himself appointed Ms.Carey for this position, now she is doing extraordinary work for education too. Whatever you are telling about Ms.Carey is rumor, a white lie and nothing more than that. As a parent I met with her, asked about her, she didn’t do anything which is against the interest of the people of Chitral and education in Chitral

  4. @realist The newly hired staff of Carey speaks volume about her meritocracy. What is their qualification? Would somebody enlighten us. I know most of them, average or below average. There should at least be some standard for the TLSC was known not for its discipline but faculty. Let us suppose she fired old staff for non-performance, then the newly hired should have some standard. I openly challenge them for competition interns of basics of teaching in their respective subjects. Why I am saying all this is because I know the inside story of hiring and firing. Let us take the two British boys hired by madame Carey, they were drug addicts and sent to Chitral for rehabilitation. One of them was Grade 8 student in England. Where are the likes of Miss Karen and Miss Silvy? Or has Chitral grown short of talent that she could only manage a few average ones? When I went to visit her as Guardian of a student, she first gave me 10 minutes; as soon as I introduced myself as a former student and an admirer of sir Langlands, she stood up and said “You may go now, I have assembly to attend”, It was 15 minutes before assembly.
    What I am against is the way she treated old teaching staff, desecrated reverent sir Langlands belongings; symbols attached to his name, mostly poorly qualified newly appointed staff, yet charging exorbitant increase in fees keeping in view the financial position of Chitrali populace.
    And I am gathering more info about madame Carey’s School in England where she served for a while & will share the details soon insha’Allah.
    And lastly I am not a stubborn political party worker but a former student of TLSC, now a guardian of two children studying there. I am eye witness to all the episodes that resulted in making Carey Schofield Principal & now ex-principal, & also remained very close to Sir Langlands, took his view on this matter in 2014. That is why I am saying Sir Langlands made the right decision. Carey herself & her advisers are responsible for her downfall.
    I am all ears if you can give me satisfactory answers, dear.

  5. Again I would have to say the same words. The money which is in the account of the school, is the money and resource of the school that the principal might has planned to use the way in her vision in making this school one of the best schools in the world. One does not deny the services and works of Langlands in Chitral, even in Pakistan as part of Pak Army, but the problem is with his decision.
    If the current principal using this amount for her self interest and benefit or business or any other purpose which is against the education in school, you may oppose her and her policies. But what she is doing is commendable we need to respect it.

  6. @realist Brother when TLSC has nearly 200 million rupees in Langlands endowment fund on which there is around 8-10% interest per annum, that amounts to nearly around 20 million if my calculation is not wrong, all courtesy of Sir Langlands. I don’t think any other institution not even Aitchison have such lavish funding set apart other free items including vehicles stationary, computers etc. With that sort of back up money If some one is charging handsome money from students, isn’t it a sheer capitalist-business oriented unlawful approach.
    How did sir Langland manage such a heavily packed staff & charge meager fees from students, in the beginning when Endowment fund was not established? And at the same time some of his (gdls) employees allegedly made money for themselves as well. And I can name many well-off respected people in Chitral, whose children didn’t pay a single penny while studying in this institution for 10-12 years & the irony is that some of those parents/children are backing Carey Schofield today. Shame on them.
    Whatever Carey’s cronies say about our beloved sir G.D Langlands, the fact remains that sir GDL will be named amongst the pioneers of education, while Carey’s name will be buried with her school files.
    Milk with milk, water with water 🙂

  7. Dear commenter, if you would see your comment back, you would find the answer of your question you have raised. Because funds were raised to meet quality and standard demands since the school is private institution and it had to meet its expenditures. But there is a hope that a foreign principal can bring a lot of donation for this school and can make it better to work.

  8. During sir Langlands era, however ill-managed and corrupt, yet it was an institution which was within reach of every common Chitrali. Now, I have to pay 3 times what I used to pay before 2012, as monthly fees. When Carey Schofield came to Chitral, she was occupied by some materialist elite class people, who now consider themselves to be champions of education bla bla…and they convinced her to increase the fees, so that only a particular class could get admission in TLSC, and make it beyond the reach of common populace, like us. She burnt all symbols that related to sir Langlands era. She always used derogatory remarks for sir Langlands, often calling “Langlands Gang” & she even warned students openly not to utter the name of sir #GDL anymore inside school premises or the student will be expelled. When she couldn’t run a small school in England for 2 months, how come she became so-called savior of Chitrali people. Sir GDL was/is a fatherly figure and he never fired a single staff during his two decade tenure. If people like Ch. Nisar, Imran Khan, P Khattak to mention a few obey every word sir Langlands utters, then it is evident that he has done something valuable for not just a few but entire Pakistan. Sir Langlands is a Legend, a Teacher, a Friend, a Guide for every sane student of his, and whatever decision he has taken, he has taken in full sagacity & I am pretty sure inshaAllah after making age century, sir Langlands will still make saner decisions than Carey & company.

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