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  1. Obaid Ullah says

    Thanks PTI. This idea was initially floated by Mr Ghazi Chief of PTI during a meeting with CM last year and he subsequently held meetings with Secretary housing and did a lot of hard work for approving this. We are thankful to PTI leadership for initiating this.

  2. Muhammad Hassan says

    Its really a good news, Qaqlasht is one of the best places to be selected for the housing schem because of its uniqe location and accessibility of the entire chitral to it.
    while this project being successfully completed people of the area would benefit by having planned housing society, and in this way mushroom growth of Booni Population would also be controlled, keeping the natural beuties.
    By launching this project definitely will improve the life standard of the area in a healthy manner, qaqlasht which used to be beutified only for few weeks of every spring will become a human habitate for the whole year, which will will promote life in this neglected landscape and turn it to a heaven like experience…
    May I take this opportunity to thank the provicial govt, specially Mr.Sardar Hussain MPA, for his endeavours and would reauest for a good follow up to take this project be successful and wonderful place to live.

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