Make no mistake – Chitral needs Carey Schofield


By Zulfiqar Ahmad

Former Principal Geoffrey Langlands was misguided by a groups bent upon hijacking the school by sidelining Carey Schofield, who had streamlined the school after hectic efforts.

Sources said Ms Schofield had terminated the services of some teachers given their poor performance. But the sacked teachers misled the former principal whose students are holding important positions in the government such as interior minister Nisar Ali Khan, chief minister KP Pervez Khattak.

Carey Schofield, Chitral school's British principal gets visa at last

They said the interior minister acted upon the request of his 97-year-old teacher without looking into the matter and ordered not to renew the visa of Ms Schofield. Langlands was then guided by these people to go to Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak and ask him to facilitate his (Mr Langlands’) visit to Chitral. It is not surprising that the CM during the most hectic political season showed his old teacher every possible respect and agreed to his demand.

It speaks quite well of the CM that he was so kind to an old man. He had no way of knowing the whole truth of the story which is quite unfortunate. Khattak directed the deputy commissioner Chitral to facilitate Langlands where he issued orders, dissolving the board of governors which he had himself set up before Carey Schofield’s arrival, and dismissing Ms Schofield herself, he appeared to have the support of the authorities.

Maj Langlands has no authority whatsoever within the school as he is not a governor. He had no possible right to issue any instructions concerning the school. In all his recent actions, he has acted at the behest of a few disaffected and irresponsible individuals. Neither the trustees nor the governors of the school had any idea about any of the actions that Maj Langlands was taking until they had happened. Teachers and parents and pupils watched in horror as these events unfolded. At first, no one took them very seriously as the situation was so absurd. The people of the area called upon the interior minister and British High Commissioner to Pakistan Philip Barton to take notice of this issue and intervene to bring back Carey Schofield to Pakistan, saying any further delay in her return will be a murder of education in the backward valley.

Before Ms Schofield, the reputation of The Langlands School and College was very poor in 2013. There were complaints about the finances, the conduct of teachers and the quality of education. Accusations and counter-accusations swirled around the school. These were unpleasant in themselves and they damaged the school. Therefore, the sources said one of the conditions on which Carey Schofield agreed to take over as principal included the “demand that the school’s finances should be audited by an internationally accredited firm of accountants.” This was done by Ernst and Young, from Islamabad. Their report was highly critical of the then existing procedures and practices. Since then all Ernst and Young’s recommendations have been followed.

There is now no cash handling at the school. Fees and other charges are all paid through the Bank Alfalah in town. Internationally-approved procurement procedures are now in place, documenting every purchase. The school’s transport system has been overhauled. Ms Schofield announced publicly to staff and parents that financial procedures were installed to protect staff from allegations of impropriety. However, if anyone had been benefiting during Mr Langlands’ time the new systems might have been extremely uncomfortable, as one loophole after another was shut down. There were no school rules in 2013.

A code of conduct has now been introduced and sent to all parents. Monthly tests are held and reports sent to all parents. Teachers have to submit lesson plans. There had been much talk of teachers and drivers smoking drugs. The school now has a zero-tolerance policy on drug-taking. Corporal punishment has been banned. Carey Schofield has said since parents were paying for an English-medium education The Langlands School and College must run in English and that lessons apart from Islamiyat and Urdu, should be held in English. In 2013 the relationships among the teachers were very bad.

Senior School and Junior School teachers would practically barely speak to each other. Ms Schofield worked to bring the sections together and to involve the Heads of the Junior Sections in decision-making for the whole school. To demonstrate the focus on education the school now has a designated Director of Studies, whose remit is to focus on teaching and learning throughout the school. Reflecting the principal’s concern that some children had learning difficulties and not fulfilling their potential a designated learning support coordinator whose job include working with teachers throughout the school. Lessons in the senior school, which were only thirty minutes long, were increased to forty minutes and the working day made longer. The school now runs winter tuition classes during January and February for Matric and FSc students. A minimal charge is made to parents.

The Langlands School and College encourages students to return, after the FSc Part II exams are over, for tuition for Entrance Examinations and ISSB. Last year, a retired General/Ambassador and a retired Colonel visited to instruct and motivate students wishing to enter the army. Post-FSc tuition is offered without any charge. After-school tuition in Maths, also without any charge, is now offered to Board Exam students.

When Carey Schofield reached Chitral she told parents and teachers, very openly, that she saw the teachers as the basis of the school. She announced that she would support teachers and ask more of them. She said then that any who were not up to the mark would be asked to leave. Finally, after two years, a number of them were sent home. Reasons for the dismissal of individuals were, correctly, not made public but they are believed to be mainly that the professional standards of these teachers were not considered to be of the highest. The conduct of some of these teachers since their dismissal seems to bear out the principal’s judgement.

Their actions have included a campaign of defamation against the Principal Schofield and threatening behaviour towards serving staff. Rather than simply arguing for a more generous pay-off, which frankly they might have got, they had launched a campaign to destroy the school.

  1. sayed shamsu nazar fatimi says

    I would like not to put my foot in this matter as peoples NOT follow the prtinciples of Objectivity and Positivity. I arrayed just a perspective a little. . there are many more info to be shared. Thanks for ur constructive sincere opinion. What can we not learned,is to move away from querreling and maligning.
    I am a person retired, now I cannot be the principal of any institution after retirement nor it allowed under any rule. This is the tragedy of nation that every thing is done on the basis of personality, but NOT on Proper SOP, and Langland School now deprived both, Lack of Personality and and Absence of SOP.
    If there were a system based on proper. update SOP, no controversy was created and personality was substituted by the System/SOP.

  2. sayed shamsu nazar fatimi says

    I would like not to put my foot in this matter as peoples NOT follow the prtinciples of Objectivity and Positivity. I arrayed just a perspective a little. . there are many more info to be shared. Thanks for ur constructive sincere opinion. What can we not learned,is to move away from querreling and maligning.
    I am a person retired, now I cannot be the principal of any institution after retirement nor it allowed under any rule. Thisy is the tragedy of nation that every thing is done on the base of personality, but NOT on nProper SOP, and Langland School now deprived the both, Lack of Personality and and Absence of SOP.

  3. waseem abbas says

    it is the britishers who told us who we were and who we are….w…well said Nazar sb.You must revise your opinion…..humn azad huwe sadiyan ho gayn…… still have that pattern of mind!as far as your analysis is concerned it has no positive impact…All the scholarly community of chitral must join hands to take the issue towards some logical end…..It was Carey who pushed the school towards an unending delimma in just two years.she must remain there where she is now.The world does not end with Carey.There are other possibilities..

  4. Sayed Shamsu Nazar Fatimi says

    Mr. GD Langlands and I were friends and education workers in Chitral. We both shared many education activities and creativities in Chitral.
    Langlands was a saint, compassionate, philanthropist and devoted volunteer with a mission. He was so generous that he did not care about capacity and training of the staff, who ever he appointed on compassionate ground, he befriended on humanitarian ground rather than technical and professional ground.
    Still he was not founder of the school and claimed not, ownership. Some of our mutual friends (foreigners) recommended some creative and constructive suggestions regarding accountability, Curriculum Development, Internal Discipline, SOP, Sophistication and the importance of staff training, but he was so stern in bringing change that, he could not carried it out, seemingly some internal constraints and non cooperation.
    He was unhappy with some internal stagnation, conspiracy, corruption and discipline problems, but “his presence”, conduct and resource mobilization overcome all the difficulties and constraints. He loved his students and liked his staff.
    Once he seeing me working on some papers, ordered me to prepare a comprehensive “MISSION STATEMENT” and “SOP” for the institution. I handed over him a sample prepared for FCPSC to look into, and suggest changes. He took it with him and discussed about it in many times, but it was felt that Change, Training and Accountability, these 3 things were the things mostly NOT welcomed in the school programmes and alien to the traditional staff.
    Discipline problems were frequently pointed out by the parents and a couple of staff members, but he took it in the Western Cultural Perspective and even the staff had full grip over this fragile, old saint and philanthropist. The ints ans staff abhorred changes.
    As Carey Schofield is concerned, I am not so conversant with her, but witnessed her interest and vision in a couple of occasions. She is the only option. She should be listened and over all dialogue between the stake holders is necessary. It is an education and institutional matter relating our precious future generation, so it is not genuine going after rumours. Yes many of us have the guts and vast experiences and precise “SDP” to run institution, but it should be an alternative option, because a Foreigner is a foreigner with financial resources, intellectual capabilities and Linkages, how do we ignore it. It is the Britishers who told us who we were, and who we are! Carey Schofield has got an international reputation and, got the Mission and Vision to run an Institution. She has graced the GHQ and stayed there as a Mil guest for 2 years. Her acceptance the post is really beneficial for the institution not merely for herself.
    I felt, the parents and students like Carey in-spite of her abrupt removal of many staff members without any procedural SOP, adopted for REMOVAL and APPOINTMENT.
    As a relevant education matter, It is also in our information that, since the very induction of the school “Service Structure, SOP, RECORDS System and Collective Decision Making System” has been lacking, which is very important for the Institutional development.
    Institutional BEHAVIOR and DEMOCRATIC Culture make a school an Institution and Almameter, which has no alternative. Mr. GD Langlands present reappearance is just seems a conspiracy and exploiting his simplicity which carries no legal, moral and institutional ground. A civilian acumen is better solve the matter involving the stakeholders.
    Prof Sayed Shamsu Nazar Fatimi

  5. khosh wali says

    The issue of TLSC has become a critical issue of Chitral. But at the moment I want to lament over the mentality of the people of Chitral and the so called zealous supporters of Ms. Carey.
    Now here are the facts.
    1. Carey worked into the Russian Army in pursuit of completion of her book, Inside Russian Military. Later on she was expelled from Russia. She has also worked inside Pakistani military and wrote a book titled Inside Pakistan Army. Now the question arises that is the military and warfare was the only topic left for this journalist and what were her underhand motives while writing books on military only. While converting a journalist into an educationist is the worst decision made by Langland. Education is more than a rocket science. If you want to destroy an educational institution, then you must hand it over to a person expert in any field other than education. The same has happened to this institution.
    2. Correctly, she was handpicked by Langland himself, but here question arises that who gave Langland the authority to appoint a foreigner as his successor as all the money and infrastructure of this institution has been by provided by the government of Pakistan. Although Langland managed to bring all these funds from the exchequer of government of Pakistan. Yet the government of Pakistan is the owner of the institution. Government of Pakistan has given 30 million rupees to this school initially, not mentioning the amount given later.
    3. Carey has no sense of education development, but is full of vengeance and anger. In her era a police constable, who was his security guard, was to decide the matters of school. She often took his consultation to administer the school. What a mess of out of the circumstances. She carried her dog to school in her routine business. She burnt a big portion of the library of Langland, which was donated by some one from Dubai. She burnt all the trophies and shields taken in the era of Langland, just to vanish away his prints.
    4. She started sports gala of female students in this school after the school timings were over. In the name of sports gala the female students were tortured and stranded in school. Parents were unaware of their children and on certain occasions they rushed to school to know about their offspring. Now this makes no sense to torture female students in the heights of dolomuch and in the heat of June and cold of December.
    5. Now here comes the real part of the game. The main stakeholders of this game is the elite class who have their underhand motives.
    The lady is so ill managed, that she destroyed 28 academic days of the students in the name of building boundary wall. For the construction of this boundary wall, the contract was given to Prince Riyaz, of worth one crore rupees, and no government procedure was followed.
    6. She sacked the services of teachers who served there for a period more than 20 years, without giving any reason of termination. This shows her colonial mindset. How can she terminate a teacher with a single stroke of a pen. New teachers have been appointed, but given such salaries, which cannot be accepted by a sound mind. It was a bid by her to earn their sympathies. I am not sad with the rise of salaries, but I lament over the future of the institution. If this situation pertains, then within a period of four to five years, the endowment fund raised by Langland will be empty and the school will meet to its end.
    Another bad side of the coin is that this increase in salaries was unjust. Old teachers, who served this institution for more than ten years were taking salaries about 25000, and the newly appointed teachers were given 55000. Is it just?
    Ms. Carey, Chitral is a part of independent Pakistan. we are not your colony. Your age of hypocrisy has gone long ago. If a few mentally colonized people are still there, but remember that, the whole of Chitral is unaware of colonialism.
    I still lament over the mentality of slave minded people of Chitral, who still want Carry. Ms. Carey has been carried back, and now there is no room for Carey and like-minded people. Now the time has come that the government of Pakistan must take over the institution, keep a check over the funds, Carey and her associates must be impeached and the school must be founded on firm grounds.

    1. Shahid says

      A brilliant piece of writing… Well done Mr Writer

  6. Assad says

    Dear Ibrar!whether she is a jew or christian,does not make a difference because both are the two sides of the same coin.In suraye baqara both have been placed under same category.YAHUUD O NASARA KABI B TUMHARAY DOST NAHI BAN SAKTAY. The correct meaning of senile in khowar is had better improve your khowar first before making any claim to be good at english.

  7. Ibrar says

    This is just for information of general public that Ms Carey Schofield is not a JEW she is a Christian. The propgandists lobby must stop this propaganda. We all what is there motive and what they want to prove all this disinformation. GDL had the same bitter experience of character assasination when he was still a young man of 90. The lobby has been quite actively working to hijack this school. As far far using word senile for him is nothing wrong. It is just calling somebody ‘hush doko deru bap’ which is a fact. He does not know what is right and what is wrong. So some people should concentrate towards their vocabulary as they are so poor at English.

  8. Assad says

    These are the people who will turn against even Carey if any other turns up and throws a bone before them .Initially Carey was not that much bad but these are the people who misled her and not only damaged her reputation but also ruined the school.Carey should learn a bitter lesson out of these sycophants;the way these people turned their backs towards Mr.langlands; by no means they can be faithful to Carey too.These are the people who sucked the blood of the school and put the blame on poor teachers.But let me tell you every dog has its day but whatever you sow you will have to reap that in the long run.It so unfortunate that some self centered people have deliberatly become oblivion of the achievements of pre _lady era.These were the teachers who produced scores engineers,doctors,army officers and bureaucrats.My heart is crying over the character assasinations of these poor teachers.They are being blamed for being part of Mafias ,their selflesss services are being negated.How can this be logical to blame them as they were encouraging drug culture at school despite the fact that their own children were studying there.Is it not travesty of justice and disparaging that first these teachers were terminated from their services in a highly humiliating way with a single stroke of a pen then that was not the end of it,they were further subjected to malicious media trial.There would have been other way to remove them if the management of school was not satisfied with their performance,they could have been persuaded to retire in a respectful manner .But here rumors run high and decisions are made accordingly.I still remember when i was the student of sayurj,we used to have LONG period,after prayer break 15 minutes was added to last period making it 45 minutes longer than other periods .But people turned that LONG period into LOVE period.People were reluctant to put their kids into the school because of this fabrication.This is how rumours run in our society.Mr.Zulfiqar your write up is based on such rumours.Have you ever met these sacked teachers?Do you know who they are?is it justified to declare them corrupt,dishonest,lethergic,incompetent etc?I am afraid it is not justified.After 20 years Service they were drawing a very meagre salary hardly making both ends meet.They were the sole bread winner of their families with hand to mouth salary that was too snatched from them,how can these poor teachers be part of Mafia in the face of big fishes like Mr.Tom,Dick and Harry.please! stop this war of words and blame game.Lets put a guilllotine to this fruitless discussion and pray that good sense may prevail.Thank you Miss Carey you did a wnderful Job for the backward people of chitral by dividing them into two hostile groups.

  9. Nisar Ahmad Shah says

    Not long ago, I took an online course of study—Solving Complex Problems—offered by Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. The platform of the course was edX, [an online initiative of MIT and Harvard University, USA].
    The crux of the course: there are five steps [phases] to analyze a conflicting issue and to get it resolved—Actor Analysis, Goal Analysis, Causal Analysis, Scenario Analysis and alternative Analysis.
    To be precise, let’s do the actor analysis, only.
    1) Maj. Geoffrey Douglas Langlands
    2) Ms. Carey Schofield
    3) Old/Current Students of the GDLSC
    4) The incumbent Teachers
    5) Teachers who were sacked
    6) Civil society/parents
    Without any doubt Major Geoffrey Langlands is one of the respected persons whom we really owe, for he has rendered his life to educate us [our children]. We should admit that under the patronage of Maj. Langlands, the then Sayurj Public School has been one of the dreamt school/college for many. And during those ‘good old days’ it produced doctors, engineers, army officers and a lot of educated generation. Many a times whenever there was financial needs, Langlands through his connections would collect enough funds to run the school smoothly. As the head of the school, Langlands has been kind to the student/teachers, has kept the fee comparatively low. That’s the Langlands style of running the school, I would say. We, Chitralis, owe to him for his invaluable services in the field of education. Thankfully, the Govt. of Pakistan has also acknowledged his services at the highest level.
    Ms. Carey Schofield, a journalist turned educationist, who has been selected by not other than Maj. Langlands himself. Unlike Langlands, Carey has her own way to run the school. She is somehow strict about school discipline, comparatively ‘harsh’ towards the staff’s negligence’s and sensitive about the financial record maintenance/financial matters. And as the head of the school, she has every right to run the school according to her vision [and she should not necessarily follow her predecessor]. As visible in the comment section, many a students and parents have positive remarks about her and her performances. And the recent SSC results, where two bright students of the Langlands School—Abida and Areez—jointly topped the district, Chitral, also validate their points.
    I see no wrong in increasing the teacher’s salaries, and consequently increasing the fee. In fact, for higher performance higher salary/remuneration is one of the key factors. For example, take the productivity of the Singaporeans as a case study. Moreover, 20 years of services do not necessarily guarantees ones competency. However, abruptly sacking the old teachers without solid reasons is totally wrong decision on the part of Ms. Carey. Similarly, Maj. G. D Langlands should have consulted the BoG, parents/teacher before reinstating the [sacked] teachers and sidelining the very Principal whom he himself had appointed once.
    Some of the students [commenters] are so rude when they say Maj. G.D Langlands old and senile. While others are hell bend to prove Ms Carey as ‘Jewish Westerner old lady’. Don’t know what exactly they wanna prove. Why on earth one should malign the one, to prove righteous the other? Simply disgusting.
    As rightly pointed out by Dr. Bukhari, the proper way to fix the issue is through consultation by the BoG/elders/local political representatives/district administration and the learned section of the society.
    Meanwhile, going through some of the ‘tund-o-taiz’ articles/comments, I am just reminded of the ‘Mohtaram Ustaaz’ Zakir Muhmmad Zakhmi:
    Retam ya kya zherghast mehsharo ghona,
    Retai ensano sr ensan ochetai!
    Nisar Ahmad Shah
    Garam Chashma

  10. Assad says

    These are the people who will turn against even Carey if any other turns up a throw bone to these people. Ms Carey was not that much bad but these are the people who misled her and not only damaged her reputation but also damaged the school. Carey should learn a bitter lesson out of these sycophants; the way these people turned their backs towards Mr.Langlands; by no means they can be faithful to Carey too. These are the people who sucked the blood of the school and put the blame on poor teachers. But let me tell you every dog has its day but whatever you sow you will have to reap that in the long run.

  11. Taighun says

    How can Mrs. Mahrosh Hussain negate the services rendered by GDL as majority of her cousins had studied in the school when he was running the school. It is a pity to see people changing loyalties like wind.

  12. Shehroz Munawar says

    Mr. Abdullah, the ex vice principal, is just trying to hijack the old respected man for his own benefits.
    I’m an old student of the same institute and even after these 15 years I haven’t forgotten his bitter words against other political parties and even against other sects of Islam living peacefully in Chitral. It was his very clear agenda to politicize and jeopardize the school with his fundamentalist/extremist thinking once his dream of becoming the head of the institute became a reality. But since, Ms. Carey came and got the charge of the school and put it on the way to progress with her wide educational experience, Mr. Abdullah and group have tried to do a very bad conspiracy.
    I hope, we, Chitralis stand against this illogical decision and protect the future of our children.

  13. Muhammad Hakim says

    Thank you my dear brother for the kind information. I hope that my degree will be accepted after get it verified from the WHO recognized and accepted institute and appearing in any country medical council registration. And it is too early that your comment may minimize the value of my degree. Before talking about my degree, first you see your national and provincial members including that of JU and PTI etc. They are ruling over you for the last many years and they are having degrees which can not be verified by the institutes which they say, issued the degrees. But my degree needs for its authenticity to appear in registration test. If I failed to qualify the test, then I will accept that I am disqualified. Without PMDC and any other council test every degree can not be used for clinical practice. So, dear you should appreciate me, that after create for you many doctors and engineer I have come to China to seek education. Moreover, I am not against Ms Carey. Actually, I say why we can not produce a principal after 2 decades of the establishment of this school. It means you have lost your money and time. Because you like to import. I am Pakistani and I love Pakistan. So I want to see one of Pakistani like you who come forward and provide his services to this institute. I will appreciate you.

  14. Aadil says

    Brother Striker! You are very right and have given best remarks to Mr. Hakim. It is enough, you are great.

  15. Chitrali Striker says

    My dear Chinese dr, you are so critical of imported things but could you please reconsider your decision seeking medical education? We all know that Chinese medical degree is not acceptable in Pakistan. I bet even those opposing Carey will not opt to visit your clinic when you will arrive after finishing your studies. So dear would be dr, you better get education in a country which is globally recognized. Stop it and do not say anything to say.

  16. Muhammad Hakim says

    Dear Dr. Bukhari saheb, these words can not be absorbed by our people, if indigenous have more abilities and skill they are never appreciated by native nation. So we always like imported things. Our education ratio graph is going high, but mental development is going downward.You are educationalist and know better that in foreign countries the educational and mental ratios are directly proportional to each other while in our country it is otherwise. In Chitral there live expert educationalists but they are ignored by our nation so we are facing this situation for the last 3 or 4 months. When there will be no balance between the ratio of education and mental promotion then it will give zero out put. Our national educational institutes providing education and do not motivate the mental activities of the students. It is so easy work to solve this problem as you have suggested that how to minimize the difficulties facing by this school and how to maximize the ways of the development of this school, it is known by everyone.I believe that among our own nation such people are living but unfortunately the nation never want to give them opportunity and let them to do something to the nation.

  17. ڈاکٹر بادشاہ منیر بخاری says

    اس طرح بحث کرنے سے کچھ حاصل نہیں ہوگا ۔ چترال شہر میں بہت سارے قابل اور معزز لوگ موجود ہیں ، جن کی ایک کمیٹی بنا کر اس مسلہ کو دیکھا جاسکتا ہے ، یہ سکول چترال کے لیے بہت ہی اہمیت کا حامل ہے ، اس کو ترقی کرنا چاییے، مسٹر لینگلینڈ چترال کے لیے انتہایی محترم ہیں ، اور موجودہ پرنسپل کے حوالے سے بھی جو حقایق ہیں ان کو معززیں کی کمیٹی یا پھر سکول کی بورڈ کے سامنے رکھے جاییں اور اس سکول کو ترقی کی راہ پرلے جایا جایے، ڈاکٹر عنایت اللہ فیضی ، عبدالوالی ایڈوکیٹ، ڈاکٹر نورالسلام، ،پروفیسر عبدالسمیع،ڈاکٹر گلزار احمد، اور بے شمار محب چترال اور سنجیدہ لوگ چترال میں موجود ہیں ان سے مدد لے کر اس سکول کے فلاح بہبود کے لیے کویی لایحہ عمل بنانا چاییے، ادارے بنانا مشکل کام نہیں ہے ان کو چلانا چیلنج ہوتا ہے ۔امریکہ میں ترقی کی سب سے بڑی وجہ وہاں کے لوگوں کا رضاکارانہ رویہ ہے ، اور ہماری بربادی کی سب سے بڑی وجہ ہم میں رضاکارانہ خصلت کا نہ ہونا ہے ، اس خدارا اس مسلہ کو رضاکارانہ طور پر حل کریں اور وہ حضرات جن کو اللہ نے دولت، شہرت اور عزت دی ہے وہ رضاکارانہ طور پر کچھ وقت اس سکول کے لیےبھی نکالیں ،

    1. Imran says

      Well said Dr Sab. The issue hurting studies of those enrolled in the institution. A consensus need to be developed rather than widening the gulf by endless arguments.

    2. Farhanud-Din says

      The contribution of Langland School and College with respect to providing of quality education in Chitral is enormous. I think it is the first private educational institution in Chitral. Each and every institution has its own strengths and limitations and there is always space for improvement. If we look this issue we should not be focused on the individuals rather we need to look it holistically. The most important stakeholders are the students and they should not be suffered in any cost. If we start blaming each others the issue will become more complex and ultimately the students and the teachers of the institution would be suffered. Individuals should not be allowed to work for their personal interests or for a particular party. Each individual has his/her own opinion about any particular issue but it is not the way to attack on the persons with the bad words which is not allowed in our religion and culture.My suggestion would be to stop this debate and blame game and let the district and provincial government to decide for the best interest of students and teachers particularly and for Chitral generally.

  18. P.Nasir says

    current student kya teer martani matrico imtihana, xyad daqan fail honi, female student always perform, hatet band biken DTI hamesha she Saba Raj tan mgr ispa daqan, Dr Zia, Dr Samar, Major Tanveer o ghon salana top postn ganaoshtani. was I spa did rukhushi pass baoshtam. Langlands sir will kick them out of the buckt was caryo Pakistan ka angiko bail koski him at sher. Imran khan ma leader, Khattak sahb, chodry Nisar, aetzaz Ahsan, murtza Bhutto, faruq laghari, Jamali, general pasha, general tauqr, gen thakur was 800 Fuji wa civil office Sir langlando pupil asuni… Carey choki choki sirf Hawaii nezitai bus take money and write a book just only. Did kya chulur
    Sayurj belongs to sir Langlnds.

    1. Wajahat says

      Tang kya biko no biti clapping kola ma dost Dr. Zia, Major xyz wageran bachen. You think getting commission in the army is something big then I really take pity on you. My question to those who think a journalist cannot run a school, then Langlands was a soldier and his job should be limited to barracks. Journalists are the most learned people and they have the knowledge of everything. Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed was Journalist and he is far better than all your politicians. The military ruled you for over three decades and the condition of your country is in front of you. Musharraf was once your hero and now you see his condition. If he is so strong a leader why he does not show his fist. Same is the case with Langlands as he was a ‘fauji’ and will never be able to lead like a leader. Same feelings for GDL as he was a ‘fauji’ and will always remain a soldier.

  19. Tahir Jan says

    Until & unless the current students and teachers of the school and college are happy, no one has the right to raise finger upon the appointed principal, Ms. Carey. Termination and hiring of staff is a normal activity in the educational institutions. So kindly, don’t waste your time and energy and consume it for some other good purposes. And an advice for the terminated teachers, please Ms Carey had no personal grudges with any one of you. You were unable to impress the head with your teaching styles, so you were terminated. So, rather than giving your dismissal a shape of hatred among the people of Chitral, continue your life with a belief in Almighty Allah that he will surely find some new and good ways of income for you.

    1. Muhammad Abid says

      @ Mr Zulfiqar I will offer myself for any punishment you say sir, if proven wrong. Don’t worry, I will surely give you details sir & let me remind you I also happen to know about Carey well before she was considered a candidate for Post of Principal as I have close association with sir Langlands ( If you wanna know how come close association, will render that info privately).
      And to make one more thing clear I don’t have any grudge against Carey but yes It made me burn like paper when my younger brother told me that madam Carey burnt our badges/ cups & sir Langlands symbols & warned us not to utter sir Langlands name in school anymore. Can you deny she didn’t do it. I bet on it she did. How can you say nothing when your spiritual father is treated like that.
      Any gentle person won’t stoop that low Mr. Zulfiqar.

  20. Shaafi says

    No doubt Sir Langland’s contribution towards the education in Chitral has been remarkable. For that, we respect him and the Pakistan Govt. has awarded him Tamgha-e-Imtiaz as well. What else we can do? He himself decided to retire and selected Ms Carey as the next principal along with the board of directors. He happily handed over the charge to Carey. However, the moment he came to know about the termination of few teachers, he came up with negative remarks about her. Do you people really think its fair? Of course its not. When Sir Langlands was the head, no one interfered in his personal decisions as a head that whom so ever he appointed or terminated. So why is the unfair social war against that lady who used her power as a head and terminated some teachers due to their unsatisfactory teaching styles. She is the head not a puppet. Moreover, I am one of those students who joined ‘Sayurj Public School’ during the first year of its establishment and remained a part of that school and college for 12 year, and TRUST ME,NEVER I FOUND SIR LANGLAND VISITING OUR CLASS OR ASKING US ABOUT OUR ISSUES. And that is the reason why we continued the poor performance of the recently terminated teachers and we have been struggling throughout our career, running after home tuitions. In short, please stop this social war, we are no one to discuss the personal matter of an educational institution, based on the rumors by the terminated teachers. There are people like Sir Javed Majeed, who is the founder of the institution. And some other board of directors who play vital role in the functioning of the school. They are head. Let them decide, please.

  21. Muhammad Junaid says

    I have been a student of those dismissed teachers and believe me they were the most pathetic people in the world.
    Ms. Carey should come back as mentioned above, she has streamlined the school and formed it up into a functional body. I personally fled away from this school in 7th class to join CCK just because of these teachers.

  22. Gohar says

    It gave me a heart-wrenching and lamenting feeling after reading the news and all the comments posted here against the reverent Mr. G.D. Langlands—the benefactor and one of the most respected personalities in Pakistan who spent more than half of his life educating the people of such a backward area like Chitral. Chitrali people proved that they are the most ungrateful people in the whole country. Calling him senile and out-of-his-mind is tantamount to showing disrespect to one of the living legends. The demand from the civil society in changing the name of the school back to Sayurj Public School is utterly disgusting. How easily they are tarnishing and maligning the name of the respected Langlands and going gaga over the illegal actions of Ms. Carey.
    Ms. Carry is not an academician or a educationist. She is a journalist and doesn’t know the modus operandi of running an academic institution. On what grounds she dismissed the faculty members of the School? Did she send any show-cause notices to them and were they allowed to explain their position? No, they were not given any chance and the termination letters that they received was a one liner only mentioning that they have been terminated from their jobs. An educational institution cannot be run like this. If the school has a Board of Governors then why its meeting was not convened to discuss all these issues?? The new staff is being paid Rs.45000/ per month–the salary of Grade 18 officer in a government organization. What procedure was followed in hiring the new staff?? Did they appear before any selection board?? Which organization was assigned the task to conduct screening test for the applicants?? Who were the members of the interview panel? Were there any subject specialists in the interview panel?? No, all the above mentioned procedures were not followed. She selected them randomly without following any standard set of procedures for hiring new staff.
    If Ms. Carry wanted to bring changes in the school she could have followed the accepted procedures in vogue in all the educational institutions of the country. She could have arranged for a test, demonstration and an interview panel comprising renowned educationists and subject specialists for the old and the new staff both. Mr. Abdullah and all the other fired staff should have been given a chance to prove their worth by arranging a fair and transparent hiring process.
    And look at the irony that Mr. Taufeeq Jan who is notorious for his misbehaviour with the students is leading this civil society delegation to save the educational rights of the children of Chitral. And on top of that most of the members of this delegation are not educationists or academicians; they don’t know what procedures should be followed in an educational institution and what should be the criteria for the selection of teachers. An inquiry should be held and the actions of Ms. Carry should be probed and if found guilty she should be terminated immediately. She is not a messiah that the people of Chitral should pin their hopes on her. Moreover, it is requested that the people of Chitral should stop maligning the name of Mr. G.D. Langlands for their petty interests and ulterior motives. He must have deliberated upon his actions before giving them a practical shape. If all of you know better than him then why didn’t you help him when he was running the school all on his own??

    1. Muhammad Abid says

      Correct me if I am wrong, Carey schofield was once made Governess ( Female In charge of English Schools) in England some years back in the past, but she was terminated after just two months, the reason being her ill-management. Details will be published soon inshaAllah in this regard. And plz don’t call the savior who opted to serve a rural area Chitral over taking charge of Beacon House School system in 90s as ‘aged old man”. His only mistake was that he educated the ungrateful and greedy residents of Chitral. These so-called well wishers of TLSC are either after the school property or the approx 2 million school endowment fund. Have they forgotten how they used to block school roads in Dolomuch & terrorize the foreign faculty (Ms. Karen, Ms. Silvy inter alia) to leave Chitral. Who were the people behind bombings of the school at that time? Did a single one of these people come forward in Sir Langlands defense? They tried their level best to push sir Langlands to the wall during his two decade service in Chitral. Now the foxes have camouflaged themselves in lions fur & come to rescue TLSC. What a pity.

      1. Zulfiqar Ahmad says

        @Muhammad Abid
        This is just to set the record straight as the gentleman has tried his level best to mislead the people for reasons best known to him. It is a bizarre to say that Carey Schofield was made ‘Governess’ of a school in England a few years back and was sacked after a couple of months for mismanagement.
        The author seems to think that Governess is the name given to the head of a school in England. But in fact it is a rather old-fashioned term for a female private tutor. This is another insane lie.
        I know Carey when she was a journalist. And this should be clear to everybody that she was not ever appointed to run any school or educational institution before The Langlands School and College. Nor did she ever applied for any such job. I do not know how anyone can simply invent things in the way that these people are doing.
        The irony is that the very teachers who have been sacked had nothing good to say at all about GD Langlands when he was running the school. Again let me make it loud and clear that if you have anything against Carey, pls do not hesitate to share the details with me.

  23. Sariruddin says

    It is clearly understood that Ma’am Carey managed the Langland school very proper way and she established all the system clearly. We want immediate return of Ma’am CAREY to CHITRAL.

  24. Ishfaq Ahmad says

    I think this is completely a politics in education field. Madam Carey managed Langland school very proper way all system were clearly changed and fully established. All present staff are in merit and full of confidence. We respect sir G.D Langland and his sacrifices but in present Madam Carey has full capability to successfully run the Langlands School & College, Chitral. Please do not include politics in educational institute because in future we need a stable education in Chitral which will be possible if Mam Carey was there. Thanks.

  25. Muhammad Hakim says

    Ahmad brother asalamu alikoom!! this is not merit this is the slavery.because you can not create a man after 25 years of the establishment of this School.I doubt totally that man who was running this school if we was not a competitive but he was your imported versatile personality and was familiar with globalization.Shame for him after performing his prolong services ,is still indigent to become a watchman of that school.shameful my chitrali people for you very shameful…..because you are talking about merit but merit is not bought by money it emits like the rayes of light .very thin and light case has been made by this man is so contention.He could not give you one principal among his own students so it shows that how much we have been destroyed by him that we are indigent to find out a man who can accept the responsibilities of this school,or the school be handed over to him.if you really need such globalized principal then sell this school in his hands.If one college can not create a principal after 25 years,it is very shameful in my point of view,my dear Ahmad you have lost the time and money in giving tuition fee to this school.If this school was established properly then it would not be in contention but it would be also globalized like their own country’s educational institutions.If you borrow and beg always principals from other nation then your nature will be the same and you will stand at that position where you needed this old man who has sacrificed his remaining life to this school totally but due to mismanagement school has become a field of war instead of lesson to the nation.I am Pakistani I proud to be a Pakistani I love to Pakistan.I also not against the services of the ex old principal,even he was the teacher of chief minister or any vip but as to be a former tutor and teacher of some chitrali student I also have deep respect for him but I am not agreed his management criteria,because he was responsible to provide successor or deputy not like that who caused to violate the school peace instead of to up grade the school into a university. Ok today I am tired to hear and see your comments which are like these one……..(khuda ney aaj tak us qawm ki halat nahi badli… ho jis ko khiyal aap apni halat badelney ka)…..Ok now you will import, beg,borrow principal who are most accepted and liked by you….I hope that this school will stand there where the ex DCO made it for vips so accept it as punishment of Allah due to desrimination among the one nation of Pakistan !!!!

  26. gv says

    As one of the earlier comments says- this school does not belong to anyone but the people of Chitral. Its sole purpose is to serve the children of Chitral not the teachers nor the school heads.
    The majority of the comments above clearly show that the people of Chitral support Carey Schofield and want her back as she is working in the best interests of the school and the people of Chitral.
    Moving from London to Chitral and experiencing a very different standard of living to which she is used to shows Ms. Schofield’s dedication to bettering the circumstances of the people of Chitral
    Reflecting on the comments by Mr. Abdullah in one of the other articles it seems he is much more concerned with benefitting himself than the people of Chitral.

  27. Muhammad Hakim says

    The proper and constant solution is only this one, that this nation find out any national principal for this School.Do not become lunatic……find solution quickly as soon as possible to end the bone of contention.why we follow rebellious?Please I ask one question to all my respected friends and highly educated personalities of Chitral that if the ex foreigner or current foreigner principal were So out standing then why you were giving me responsibility to coaching your children and sent to me to guide them at home as a tutor?It means no one alone can cover and become versatile in his field singly even he is from USA OR from uk.Please you all writers and parents are cordially requested that find such kind of solution that this kind of bad situation may be replaced into exhilaration.I am witness that once upon a time one sayurjian came to me that sir you see and check my mathematics notebook that sir Langlands taech us mathematics but he picks up the answers directly from book and do not simplify the mathematical problems.Indeed I saw true it as he explained,mostly Sayuarj Public School students came to learn mathematics to a popular teacher late Adina Khan Sahab in Danin and to me.But we are such kind nation that if we do not want to accept the reality no one can induce us to open eyes and see the reality. I accept that the Langlands has performed a remarkable work for the Sayuarj public School,He took financial aid time to time from different governments and national leaders it is appreciable and unforgettable but why we are unable to find a man inside the city who can run this School?So our chief minister and government can grant to this foreigner man so why do not grant to national man ?It means there is something that we do not like to be a freedom nation.So please end this cabal which is gradually increasing day by day instead of come to solution.My sincere opinion is this one that we first should be sincere Pakistani then appoint a highly qualified and skillful principal among our own.from the beginning this school has been suffering these kind of problems due to some factorage finalize of this uproar is only the selection of national principal on the bases of his factuality and experiences…….the repeatedly retrogression of the foreigners will always make us indigent.

    1. Ahmad says

      Here merit is in discussion, not nationality. If we insist on a national principal like national leaders (Zardari, Nawaz, Altaf etc) we will reach the end of no where. The world now is a global village. We should seek merit and merit alone, even if we have to go to England for it.

  28. Sidra says

    I know who is this Charsi Chitrali, due to whom the school is about to face closure. This charsi should be taken to task by the people of Chitral. We do not want any charsi principal.

    1. Shahid says

      So you are fine with vodka, wisky, wine principals but got problem with charsis

  29. charsi chitrali says

    You people have a very weak case here very weak i am sorry to say this. why on hell a system should depend on individuals and that too on a single individual who is a foreigner. Why none of your sons and daughters can become a Carey Schofiled or Langlands after so many years. if there is still no Carey and Langlands in Chitral after the establishment of the Sayurj School, which you claim that it is the best, it means this school has utterly failed to transform Chitral. If the school is unable to produce a person who can become its able principal, I can bet that it is worst off and your kids’ future is at stake. And also it shows that still my govt primary school in upper Chitral and its teachers are the best.

  30. Musa Rahim Khan says

    Chitral needs Miss Carey. She did a great job by terminating the old stuff of Langland School, and replacing them with new energetic one. This decision of her was totally in favor of Chitrali Population, but Mr.Langland was misguided by the fired teachers.

  31. Zaka Ashraf says

    With regards to the prevailing situation of G.D Langlands School, we should think about
    1. Who discovered Ms. Carry?
    2. What is her background?
    3. Was she an educationist?
    4. Why the senior teachers were terminated?
    5. Did Ms. Carry provided any evidence/reason before termination?
    6. If the performance of the senior teachers was not up to the mark, who produced the brilliant professionals?
    7. Who stared the dirty politics? And who was constantly providing guidance to Ms. Carry??
    8. Who suggested Ms. Carry to abruptly increase the fee?
    9. Should this school be for elite class only?
    10. The senior teaches having experience of decades, are not eligible to take over the administration?
    11. The founder of the school should not interfere and take rest at old home?
    12. At this stage, should we forget about the services of G.D Langlands that he has lost sense? And call him aged principal?

  32. Muhammad Hakim says

    I am seriously in tension to see this situation. Why after prolonged services, the respected and honorable Langland saheb could not create a man like himself, and an organizer who can organize this facility like him? So this institute will also be indigent after 100 years to import principal from British nation? May Allah soon solve this situation that the children do not tolerate this abnormal practice is faced by them as well as by our Chitrali brothers and their families. It is also a type of verbal and communicative battle which is poison without eating, destroys our brain and unity. A resistance on the path of education, after this situation everyone is angry about this happening so I raise my hands before my Allah (all glory be to him) may solve this situation soon.

  33. Muhammad Hakim says

    This matter has divided us into many groups ,indeed it is considerable matter,still we are unable to run a common public school.We have made it so terrible and extreme because we still want to become slave nation.why this school can not be run by any other educationalists.Is it compulsory to hand over the School in their hands who are playing an unlimited and endless game with the sons and daughters of our nation.Please my Chitrali Nation try to know the severity of the case,it is not the solution of the matter.We are using our capacities and energies against ourselves. Always we comments something to show our own abilities and skill before media but we are still unable to solve this important matter which has happened last 3 months.My suggestion is this only one verse of Hazrat Alama Muhammad Iqbal….Apni Milat par qias aqwam e maghrib sey na kar……Khub ha tarkib ma qawm me rasul e hashmi……..Find out a skillful and expert principal among the nation. Otherwise we will be continuously changing and replacing our teachers and principal then how we expect to create a bright future for our children.

  34. Alla says

    Chitral and langland needs Ms.Carry. We wants immidiate retuns of Ms. Carry to chitral

  35. A.Ahmad says

    It is astonishing to see Mr Taufiq Jan has embarked upon to set right G.D Langland’s school and college but before doing that the “wardi” professor should have peeked in his own past.

  36. N. Khan says

    It would be better if GD Langland review his decision. He is in his 90’s and need rest in elderly care home for the remaining duration of his life and well-come to Chitral in advance to Miss. Carey!!

  37. Saba gul says

    We need to ensure that Abdullah and his group do not take over Langland again. Come on people! Do you really want to go back to the old conditions where teachers did not bother coming to class and students roamed around in the plains of Dolomus, high on drugs?

    1. Faisal Mansoor Soofi says

      Saba Gul, you speak the truth and u say it like no one does, hats-off!!
      Carey is a remarkable lady, a great misfortune to loose someone as selfless as her.
      Do all you guys can to bring her back.

  38. Liaquat Ali says

    Services rendered by G.D.Langland to the education for the people of Pakistan and finally to the people of Chitral is accepted, recognized and highly appreciated by all in Chitral. His reliever Ms. Carry was no doubt, seemed to be the best substitute, selected and sent her by Langland himself. The start which she took also showed satisfactory with positive look and change amongst the students. Firing of senior teachers was no doubt viewed negatively by some one showing their sympathy with them as for as their length of service with this Institution. People of Chitral in general and parents in particulars are of the opinion that G.D. Langland in close coordination with DC Chitral shall take decision in the best interest of this beautiful institution making it academically amongst the top three in Chitral. This is possible when some senior professional & academician from abroad is posted here as head of the Institution.

  39. Bibi Fatima says

    I have personal experience, this school is run by a political party and group of people. I do agree with the writer, so it is so sad that the group is so strong again mislead Mr. G.D. Langlands or he come under their pressure.

  40. Alia Nosheen says

    Ahmad Faraz verse for Ms. Carey: Yehi kaha tha k meri ankh dekh sakti
    to mujh pa toot para sara shahar nabina. Ms. Carey removed the garbage but couldn’t clean the smell.

  41. Akbar Hussain Mughal says

    Mr. Abdullah is doing bloody politics with the future of Chitral. Please came out of this extreme egoism. we want ms.Carey Schofield back.

  42. Amir Ali Shah says

    Chitral and The Langlands School needs The great Carey, We need quality education.

  43. Yaqoob Ali says

    It is universally truth that people inspite of searching the reality they conspire to hide the reality § show themselves innocent. Bluders lay there but shown as mistake. Have to secure the nation future § provide good education to the young generation, so b sincere and speak the truth.

  44. Ahmad says

    Decisions taken by Mr Langlands are catastrophic as he has surpassed his senile age. He is being misled and influenced by cunning staff members who had brought the school to the brink of destruction and Mr langlands dosen’t have any control over them. Chitral needs administrators like Ms Schofield in every field, let alone the Sayurj school.

  45. Saniya says

    No doubt we were very happy with the performance of Carey. Everyone can see the drastic improvement in the quality of education in Langland school only due to her great effort. I seriously didn’t understand one thing; every educational institution has the right to terminate the employees in case if their teaching methodologies are not fruitful towards the output of the students. Same was the strategy of Carey. So what is a big deal? No one can challenge her as the decision was made after the feedback of the students about the teaching style of the specific teachers. If the students are not happy, is there any other reason to carry on with those teachers? Secondly, I have found the doctors, lawyers, government teachers and lecturers of Chitral commenting about Langland school and college and declaring the decisions of the head of the institutions something wrong, which is truly disgusting. You people seriously don’t have the right to discuss any institution’s private matter like this. On the other hand, if you are one of the parents whose kids are studying there, then again you don’t have the right to pass any declaration. The best thing you can do is, visit the organization and talk to the management. Although, we (chitral) have impressive literacy rate in Pakistan, but we still love rumors, we believe rumors and we take decisions, based on those rumors. Well said by Edmund Burke, “To call oneself educated without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” So please, stop believing rumors spread by few people and think at least once before commenting about the specific issue. Let the board of directors of the institution decide.

  46. Hafiz Ullah says

    Chitral needs Carey Schofield.

  47. Mr.Chitral says

    We want immediate return Ms. Carey to Chitral…….very truly the writer highlighted the issue.

  48. Bakhtawar Salik says

    Chitral indeed needs Carey Schofield. I have siblings who study at the school and it has been a great transformation from the former Tora Bora culture of class banking and even drug use by students. I have all the respect for Mr. Langland and I am horrified at how he is being misinformed by the previous administration for their own benefit. Extremely sad.

    1. Zia-ur-Rahman says

      Since I have done may matriculation from Langland school and college, I dare to say I seen the Tora Bora culture of class banking and by naked eyes and observed a group of people to misinformed, mislead and hijacked the egged Principal of the time. As now Carey Schofield was doing well and had controlled over those culprits to stabilize the institute. Now the old Langland has been misguided once again. I wish her to back.

  49. Manzoor says

    Chitral and The Langlands School needs The great Carey, we want Carey back…

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