Degree college teachers seek removal of principal


gdccThe faculty members stated that the principal loses temper with the blink of an eye and resultantly lashes out abusive, filthy, derogatory and insulting words in routine discussions with staff members. On many occasions he directly abused senior and junior teaching faculty, administrative and menial staff in routine working hours. Abusing students and teaching staff with insulting and offensive words is against the code of conduct/ethics for a person on such a high position in an educational institution. The students of the college, time and again, protested against the un-ethical attitude of the principal but the higher authorities did not heed to the issue. Now the level of the patience among the teachers and students has completely exhausted and they will no more tolerate this derogatory behavior of the principal in future. If the principal further continues in the college, the risk of open clashes between staff, students and the principal is inevitable, which will result in serious implications on the teaching and learning environment in the college. They also said that the principal always threatens the teaching staff with adverse remarks on their annual confidential reports/ACR/PER and reiterates that he would write such remarks which would negatively impact the promotion of the staff. They said that threatening the staff members through the tools of ACR/PER is against the code of business and basic human rights prescribed for principal and the executive officers. All these practices are carried out by the principal only to subdue the staff members Besides, corporal punishment is banned throughout the world including Pakistan but the sitting principal resorts to severe corporal punishment of students on a regular basis. Beating students in front of students just to terrorize other students results in drain of confidence among them and many of the students intended to leave the college in order to relieve themselves from this tortuous environment. “In these circumstances, it is requested to kindly transfer the Principal Masood Ahmad Khan from this institution in order to restore teaching and learning environment which has been completely shattered by him. If he continues in his position, the teaching staff will not be responsible for any mishap in this college. It is further informed that if our demand for the removal of the principal is not met, the entire teaching faculty will go on a full-fledged strike and the higher authorities will be responsible for any kind of consequence.”]]>

  1. Titor says

    I recommend to handle this situation after consultation with all the stake holders and to not be sentimental.

  2. Arif says

    If a ‘Charsi’ favors some professor it reflects a situation which is highly deplorable because there is no link between a ‘Charsi’ and a reputable professor. I went through all the comments and it seems that there is a single person espousing the wrong cause of principal with different name like Charsi etc. I have nothing to say about the matter but I am extremely sorry that we people have very short memory and often forget events in short time period. My friends who are writing in favor the principal, I want to ask one question from them. That why NON Bailable FIR registered against the worthy principal Masood Ahmadd Khan when he publicly beaten DDOR and Tehsildar Booni in their own office. He was arrested but latter on Deputy Commissioner Rehmatullah Khan wazir released the professor from prison after conciliation and public apology from the principal. Why students of GDC Chitral held press conference and demonstration against the principal because of his derogatory language and non-official behavior. In the press conference which published in all national newspapers more stress of students were on the behavior of the principal and less on shortage of attendance. There are number of stories about the principal in which he quarreled with the people at his own village and other places like Zargarandeh which resulted in an event in which road to his private residence has been blocked by the aggrieved party. I astonish that how a reasonable and normal person support the cause of the principal which consists a lot of ifs and buts. I would like to ask one question from the higher authorities like Director and Secretary HED that is there any set of criteria for the selection of principal which is very highly dignified position. I have pity for the faculty members who are surviving under this principal for long time period.

  3. charsi chitrali says

    My humble advice to professor sab is to stick to his guns. On what basis the faculty members are asking for his removal. This is not the proper way to remove a principal even a peon in a Govt dept. cannot be removed from his post in that way. Before going to strike in order to pass your days sitting in the college, you should proceed under the rules and regulations so that an inquiry can be held to ascertain the allegations against the learned professor.
    You people are committing dis-service to the students and hence the people of Chitral by inciting the students to revolt against the professor. No no, the professor sab will stay here till his service ends because Chitral needs him. Period.

  4. aliahmad says

    Mr. Junaid Tariq, Masood has used socially unacceptable language against the teachers and this is the cause for seeking remove him from his position by 31 teaching staffs of the college. He keeps on using notorious sort of language which is at least not acceptable in educational institute. If even he is warned by Secretariat and directorate of HED and he promise to “Mind his Language” than it seems to me that all the noble 31 teaching staffs of the reputable institute will not be agreed to retain him as principal.

  5. Junaid Tariq says

    Mr. Ali Ahmad sahib, Prof. Masood is Carey Schofield of Govt. Degree College Chitral. Any move on your part to remove him through using Machiavellian tactics will be strongly resisted by civil society. The PTI Govt will not budge even an inch to accommodate your illegitimate demand and will rather uphold merit and transparency at the institution. The faculty stuff in govt colleges are notorious for skipping classes and taking private tutions and part time jobs during class hours. This tradition has long been in vogue and the faculty members have become its addicts. The daring Principal Prof. Masood has taken drastic steps to ensure quality of education at the institution making the staff members duty bound and punctual through certain stringent measures.
    Mr. Ali Ahmad, some of your faculty members have spent more than twenty years at the same station using back door channels. I as a member of civil society request the Secretary Higher Education and The Director HED KPK to issue transfer orders of these professors and lectures to other stations of KPK instead of replacing the daring Principal so that these people may not avail the opportunity to destroy the congenial educational environment of Govt College Chitral.

  6. aliahmad says

    It seems to me that Ali, Ahmad, Junaid and Aziz are not four people, rather only one person. He may be the son of Masood as no other person in Chitral appreciate Masood as he always use bad language against every body.

  7. Ali, Booni says

    It reminds me the days we were students of this College. We know many professors and lecturers were irregular in classes, many were coming without proper preparation and some were discriminating among students regarding their sectarian background and even sometime gave favor to students of a particular region. Prof Masood has been our teacher and warden in the hostel, we respect all the teaching staff, but Sir Masood was our ideal professor and we found him regular in classes, capable administrator and free from any kind of discrimination. I hope the other honorable professors and lectures will support him in the best interest of the institution and to make the teaching and learning environment friendlier for students.

  8. Ahmad says

    Agree with Junaid Tariq. Prof Masood is an upright and honest academician and administrator, that is why not popular with his faculty members who want a slack and easy going principal so that they can have good time. Govt should encourage people like Prof Masood.

  9. Aziz Ahmad says

    I fully agree with Mr. Junaid Tariq. There is a habit of mine to ask from any student of any educational institution about the performance of his/her college/school, where he/she studies. According to my habit, I asked from many students of this degree college. They praised their Principal and were very happy that professional dishonesty has gone out during this principal’s time and now the teaching staff are fully punctual and regular and the students are well disciplined.

  10. Junaid Tariq says

    Prof Masood Ahmad Khan, by dint of his professionalism, has brought drastic and positive changes in Govt Degree College Chitral. The demand of the faculty members for his removal is to pave the way for professional dishonesty. they are also hell bent on maligning the reputation of the said principal through media trial and character assassination. The higher authorities should not pay any heed to their unjust demand rather they should conduct an inquiry into the matter in order to initiate disciplinary action against these lecturers and professors for leveling baseless allegations against Prof. Masood.

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