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Nature walk held at AKHSS Kuragh

walkKURAGH, June 6: World Environment Day (WED) is a global event commemorated annually on the 5th of June. This widely celebrated day is a step towards clean and green environment taken up by the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) initiated in 1972. The purpose behind is to raise worldwide awareness among people to take positive measures for the protection of the environment they line in and the earth of which they are the inhabitants. This global message is spread through diverse mediums including active participation of celebrities, media campaign, growing involvement of NGOs and particular by organizing awareness session and programme at different schools. walkBeing part of today’s global community, WED was celebrated with great effort and determination at AKHSS Kuragh on June 5, 2015. Presided and led by the head of the institute, Sultana Burhan Uddin, the programme started with the recitation of the holly verse by grade-12 student Shahana Aziz. Afterwards, Mehak Riyal in a melodious voice recited naan. Covered withgreen leaves, some students represented trees cut down by woodcutters in the form of parody. To encourage students, inter-class competition took place based on decorating of walls with charts containing messages relevant to the day.The decors gave a glimpse of natural environment to every onlooker. Followed by tabloos, nature song, and other items, brief but the most fruitful programme ended with a short speech by the principal. Miss Sultana shed light on the significance of environment in our lives. She emphasized the fact that we are indispensably attached to our planet, which requires motherly treatment from us. As responsible global citizens, we need to save our natural resources from decaying and detain others destroying them unknowingly, she stressed. Deforestation causes the rare birds die away which as a result will adversely affect our future generation when our children are not going to see them flying around, rather, seeing them in books. She concluded her speech with a note on promptly applying the awareness in our practical lives. Depending on creativity, innovations and relevancy of their works, awards were given to the students by Fida Ahmad, lecturer in Islamiat. He quoted a holly verse from the Quran, chapter 55 verse 8, where the concept of balance is highlighted. Very effectively Mr Fida associated the verse with the occasion by stating that if we cut a tree, we must plantat least one instead. Later on, students set off on a walk holding placards and charts with warnings inscribed on them about the dangers of cutting tree, pollution caused by waste products, destroying erratic plants and killing animals. Eventually, the environment friendly demonstration ended back at the school premises. By conducting productive session on such events, we can stimulate people to make our society cleaner, greener and brighter for ourselves and for the future generations. Report by Muhammad Nabi, Lecturer in English, AKHSS Kuragh.]]>

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