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APML candidate demands re-polling in Laspur UC

yousufTalking to ChitralToday, Yousuf Hayat of Awi village, who stood for the seat of the Tehsil Council, and Sher Guli Khan alias Abdul Aziz, the APML candidate for the District Council, said the APML supporters in Raman were not allowed to cast their votes while bogus votes were stuffed in Sor Laspur valley in connivance with the polling officials who were posted there under a plan to defeat the APML candidates. They said polling in Raman was also made slow and one voter took over 25 minutes to cast their vote. At about 5pm on the polling day, more than 600 voters were present outside the polling station in Raman but the polling staff did not allow them to cast their votes. “When I was informed about the matter, I called the presiding officer and told him that under the law all the voters present on the premises of the polling station at 5pm, the official voting closing time, should be allowed to cast their votes. But the presiding officer did nothing and our voters were forced to go home without using their rights,” added Yousuf Hayat. The APML losing candidates said they were planning to approach the election tribunal seeking re-election in the three polling stations of Raman, Brok and Sor Laspur where they alleged a record-breaking rigging. It may be noted that a PTI candidate and an independent won the two seats from the union council on May 30.]]>

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