Why we are selling our assets?

We need to decide not for Chitral but for Chitralis. Please try to think again and come up with something which is acceptable by all. Since Chitral is formed because of us, if people of Chitral are unhappy with such decisions I think it’s not worth it. letterShandur has always been our part and we have always been part of it. This decision will, however, bring good political benefits but has already disappointed ‘us’ (the people of Chitral). It will eventually lose us all. I think due to such action by Miss Fozia and Mr. Sardar Hussain we have already lost our courage and we feel priceless. I am sure Miss Fozia and Mr Sardar Hussain are thinking for Chitral too but they are just thinking for a short time period. We respect your decision, but it’s unacceptable for us to sell our assets. So let’s join hands to safe our assets. It’s a wrong decision and we as a youth should raise our voices against it. Nazish Nawaz]]>

3 Replies to “Why we are selling our assets?”

  1. Shandur is our backbone and i can imagine Chitral without its backbone (God forbids). well said Nazish!

  2. Please don’t sell off the birthright of the Chitrali people. Don’t give in to short term gain, that will lead to long term pain. See what has happened in many beautiful areas of the world where rich people have purchased up the assets. Find another way to generate income.

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