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Save our future – give us a school

Village Khuzh is situated 35KM north from Mastuj (Chitral). The village is famous for its literacy rate which is 93% of almost five thousand population.

Geographically, Khuzh is on the opposite side of Yarkhun road, which is the main road to connect Yarkhun with Mastuj. There is a small Jeep-able bridge which is 5KM away from Khuzh and is the only way to cross the river Yarkhun. From 1997 to till date I have observed the village Khuzh closely. The people of the village love education and are civilized. They spend their everything on education. They get loans from different banks and educate their children. They believe that education is the only way to empower their society.

Unfortunately, still there is no high school in Khuzh. A medal school (which is officially primary) is the only educational institute in Khuzh. After passing class 8th, the students need to go to next villages to complete their education. For that purpose they use to go by-foot on dangerous ways and travel 8 to 10KM on daily basis. How could a child afford this agony? How they get proper education after crossing such a long distance? We need to think about that.

The most shocking one is, many children have drowned and died while crossing the river Yarkhun. Many daughters went to school and never came back. Every year 2 to 3 students sacrifice their lives on the way of education but no one from education department is ready to solve this issue. According to a local survey, every year 350 to 450 students get admission at different high schools of Chitral but still they don’t have their own high school.

They are waiting for the day when there will be their own high school. This article is an appeal from the innocent souls of Khuzh to the PTI government of KP and especially to the education minister Mr. Atif Khan. The message is “give us a high school and save our lives”.

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  1. Jawad Ahmad says

    Tu pura qaumo fakher la ispa dust. keep it up

  2. Essa Khan says

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” This is a main issue which should be resolved by the concerned education department as education is the basic right of every one in the door step. I would suggest the people of this valley to come up with the solution and raised the voice in every platform to make it happen as being a pakistani nation it is basic right of every one to access the education and i hope the PTI government will resolve this issue at earliest. we all here to support this demand and necessary action is required by the KP government..

  3. syed masroor ali shah says

    Very nice my dear bro. You highlighted the issue about your own village that is fantastic but it is not enough step for the solution of the problem. You have to consult your elders at your village and make them able so that they combine struggle for the remedies of this problem. It is really a big issue of Khuz village.

    1. Shahzad Ayyubi says

      Bo shukria peer

  4. Rakhshinda Shakir says

    You have discussed a great issue that surely needs attention and proper plans to implement. Education is the only medium for us to connect with rest of the World and have an optimistic and secure Pakistan. Great job.

    1. Shahzad Ayyubi says

      Thank you for your comment. We want you people to highlight these issues as you are a good and one of my favorite writer.

  5. Taj Muhammad Khan says

    I would like the gentleman to speak for his native village, Unauch, a backward village in Yarkhun. Given the backwardness of Unauch, you better speak for the backward village where there is a need for education, schools, hospitals, roads and all other basic necessities of life. Projecting Khuz as the remotest area in the whole valley is an insult to its residents who are educated and know how to snatch their rights.

    1. Asif Sangeen says

      brar xhn ta shahzad ayubio support korelik tu ho discourge kicha kosan hay mosho muxha bo abilities sheni ta hye lu ho bchn bo puk masala,,,,

    2. Shahzad Ayyubi says

      Thank you for your comment. You are right we need to focus on Yarkhun first. I am highlighting all the issues step by step. But I don’t insult anyone. Because I have learned only to respect people and to help the community. – See more at:

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