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Violation of NTS merit list

When in November 2014 the KP government handed over the process of recruitment on the posts of SSTs in the province to the National Testing Service (NTS) to ensure merit, everyone took a sigh of relief. ntsThe NTS completed the task faithfully and in February 2015 submitted the merit list to the education department for the appointment of the teachers. According to the first advertisement placed in newspapers, a candidate could apply for a maximum of five schools and based on that priority their merit list was to be prepared. However, when the NTS prepared the lists on that basis and like other districts sent it to the education department of Chitral for further process, the officials in the valley issued the final list on March 9 and gave the candidates two days for correction. However, two weeks later it emerged that the officials in Chitral have played with the merit list and totally disfigured it. Now they are unable to get it corrected. More importantly, instead of following the criterion of the five-school priority, the officials reportedly started preparing a list containing the names of their relatives and near and dear ones. As pressure from the candidates started pouring in, the officials could not handle the matter and now even after the passage of over two weeks there is no sign the merit list would be issued anytime soon. This was mainly because the education department Chitral did not follow the five-school criterion otherwise the merit list could have been prepared in a day. This has increased the suspicion among the candidates that the staff at the education department is trying to accommodate their favourites in complete violation of the merit list prepared by the NTS. I request the higher up of the provincial government to take notice of the matter so that merit can be ensured in the appointment of the teachers. Issa Khan]]>

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  1. imti says

    AOA to All.
    Pehli baat to ye hay k aisa karna ksi k laiy bhi mumkin nahi. Qn k Right to Information Act (RTI) k tehat hr koi ye maloomat hasil kr sakta hay. Dusri bat ye hay is may cheating ka chance 1 percent tak shayad ho skta hay lekin aksariat ko ghalat kehna samaj sy balatar baat hay. Is tarah k ilzamat niyahat he galat hain. Merit list sub k samny hay or sub kuch according to the TORs of the adv ho rehi hain. I personally appreciate the efforts of current GOVT in this regard, as once there was a time when these posts were filled through backdoor policy. Now at least 95% posts are filled through NTS with zero tolerance to ‘Dhandli’. Or ye tanqeed sirf wohi log kartay hain jinkay baray may mashhoor misal hay: “Phoniko no biti teko bahna”. Ekka dukka waqiat shayad ho saktay hain lekin 90% fair game hai.

    1. Issa Khan says

      Dear Imti
      If you are in Chitral kindly visit the education office you will see all the blunders they have done. I know govt is doing its best to make all thing crystal clean but what about the people sitting inside the department who are there for the years and doing the same thing repeatedly. If there is no “Dhandly” why they are still unable to produce true and fair merit list from a ready made merit list of NTS? If they are unable to do so they should admit the task will be handed over to some one else who can do this. I don’t have any personal interest here neither I am applicant for the said positions I just highlighted the issue which actually exist and to be resolved because it is a matter of some one’s right. I expect all these from the current provincial govt because its mandate is “NO DHANDLY” not “LESS DHANDLY”.

  2. Farid Ali says

    The EDO male and female should be dragged to the court. And the so-called education monitoring dept should be tasked to collect ‘KAVEER’ as it has miserably failed to report such issues. Is there anybody who can help us in getting rid of these liabilities. The NGO which is funding for this futile monitoring dept must stop funding for it and it should be abolished immediately.

    1. ali shahpar says

      Bhai apka Dimaghi tawazun sahi hay? What has Monitoring unit to do with recruitment of teachers? Do you know what is the mandate of Monitoring unit and what they do?

  3. Common man says

    “Mitt jaye gi makhlooq to insaaf karo ge,
    Munsif ho agar to hashar uthaa kyon nahin dete ” Situation is some what interesting as well annoying. NTS a symbol of merit selection & the manipulated results by the concerned authorities ” will obviously raise lots of eye brows leading to severe doubts over the integrity of the prestiged testing service and the self proclaimed meritorious provincial govt. I appeal the concerned authorities to look into the matter on priority so that people would retain their faith on merit.

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