Chitral's issues discussed with ministers

PESHAWAR, March 15: A delegation of CCDN met provincial ministers for agriculture and livestock. The delegation was headed by Chairperson CCDN Muhammad Wazir Khan. The delegation conducted meeting with the relevant departments and discussed the issues of Chitral in detail. The delegation highlighted the efforts of local Support organizations (LSOs) in the continuous development of district Chitral since one decade. They also discussed the importance of LSOs in the development of rural areas. The delegation insisted to promote public private partnership so that ownership on government’s project and proper resource utilization would be maximized. The ministers directed to the relevant department to work on the possibilities of partnership. ccdnThe concerned ministers appreciated the efforts of Local Support Organizations (LSOs) and their network to promote participatory development in the area and assured that government of KP will deliver its services to strengthen these organizations in future. The delegation offered their volunteer services to the government departments for the smooth implementation of the project and to create ownership of the activities. Letter on, the delegation met to director general livestock and DDG fisheries to build partnership with civil society and the government. The delegation informed the DG livestock about the recent animal disease outbreak in Kalash valleys, Broghil valleys and other parts of the district. The DG directed the relevant district departments and moved mobile team with medicines to the affected valleys in coordination with concerned LSOs. The DG promised to arrange training for livestock owners. Moreover, consensus has also been developed with the fisheries department to establish trout fish ponds in Chitral and in this regard the directors promised to provide technical support to LSOs.]]>

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  1. The meeting of the unknown CCDN delegation with KP govt official is nothing but to generate for the newly set up NGO, which, I give you in writing is not capable to build even a ‘Khora’ given the track record of the people in the team. Their role as UC nazims is known to us all. And they are trying to rob the people of their rights through such dubious NGOs. The donor agencies and the KP govt should be careful while giving anything to these kind of NGOs as they are completely fraud.

    1. I am sad to know about the comments of Mr. Asif Ali Khan regarding the CCDN delegation meeting as being an educated son of Chitral. According to your opinion CCDN is an unknown NGO, while CCDN is a network of community based organizations working in Chitral known as LSOs. Secondly, you shouldn’t have talked about unknown things. To me CCDN is a vibrant, permanent and representative civil society organization of Chitral which plays a catalyst role in the participatory development of Chtiral. If someone has any personal grievance against any person, then he/she should take it personally rather to blame an organization. Such comments only show the personal and political grievance against individuals. As far as the question regarding the capacity to build a khora is concerned, then being a Chitrali youth you should take over these organizations and prove your ability by building Chitral as a metropolitan city. CCDN delegation is wished to stay happy. Great social work by you all. Seeds of social emancipation take longer years to bring fruit, keep it up

  2. It is the right and also the high time for CCDN delegation to meet KPK Ministers and the secretaries to make sure that their departments should include and approve the needs of national building departments of Chitral in their ADPs. Some of them are fully operative dispensaries for live stock in Broghel, Yarkhun Lasht, Laspur, Khot/Rech, Terich, Shishikuh, Bumburet, Karimabad, Arkari, Garam Chashma, Brep and Lotovir. Secondly lifting of ban on issuing of mining lease in District Chitral & etc.

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