Women day observed in Booni

BOONI, March 9: The International Women Day was celebrated in Booni by a large number people from different walks of life. In this regard, a function was jointly organized by AKRSP, BLSO and the tehsil administration Mastuj which was attended by women social activists, women entrepreneurs and women police officials. Dr. Karim chaired the event and Meraj Khan, GM of SEDP, was chief guest. Meraj Khan, Dr. Karim, Shahkarez, Sultana Burhanuddin and others addressed the gathering and said that there were lots of issues but still the women of Chitral have done good jobs in different walks of life. The speakers appreciated the role of women in different social activities as well as in entrepreneurship. Some women entrepreneurs shared their business experiences and success stories.  Women entrepreneurs were also given awards. The event was also attended by AKRSP Manager ED Sajjad Hussain, area manager Shah Mansur and educationist Mehrun Nisa.]]>

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  1. The Chitralis have been spoiled. They have lost their cultural norms which once used to be their hallmark and identity across the country. The people who, are holding some public and private offices, are running after money like no one else, cheap publicity and show of power despite knowing they are hollow inside than an ordinary man.
    The group of people led by Dr Karim comprising Meraj Khan, Shahkarez, Dr Sultana Burhanuddin, Sajjad Hussain, Shah Abul Mansur and Mehrun Nisa (forgive me if I missed some of the group members’ name), are so excited that they celebrated the international women’s day.
    But they have no idea what did they achieve from this particular day. The point which I wanted to make here is that the above mentioned top NGO bosses were never seen holding even a single seminar over the alarming issue of increasing women suicide cases in Chitral.
    None of these people are interested in the issue because it needs some practical efforts for which you have to do some spadework. Spadework requires stamina and our NGO bosses are not even slightly interested to speak or organize such seminars where there is no money. Where there is no motor. Where there is no funding from NGOs like USAID, AKDN, AKHSP, AKRSP, SRSP, etc and above all there fanfare and musical gala.
    The people who ruled over the NGO sector in Chitral have simply turned out to be filthy rich with empty minds. They are not interested at all in burning issues like increasing trend of women suicide cases, use of psychotropic drugs by the youngsters, illiteracy, etc.
    But they are found of seeing themselves in national and local media without doing anything constructive. How pathetic it is to see the press release issued after the get together on women’s day which concluded without discussing anything important, and worth publishing.

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