PTI leader accuses Ulema of launching propaganda

BOONI, Feb 19: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chitral held a women workers’ convention in Booni to discuss the preparations for the upcoming local government elections. PTI WomensSpeaking on the occasion, Abdul Latif, the district president of the PTI, said his party believed in gender equality and the provincial government was busy promoting women’s rights in every sector. Criticizing the religious parties, the PTI leader said before the general elections 2013 they had launched a propaganda that Imran Khan planned to put a ban on all the AKDN organizations. However, after coming to power in KP when the PTI governemnt allocated Rs1.6 billion to the AKRSP for the construction of small powerhouses in Chitral, the Ulema went for another campaign to foil the very project by giving it a sectarian twist. He also revealed the provincial government’s policy for the teaching community and said all those teachers who even could not write their names would be sent home by giving them golden handshakes and those who did not want to get retirement would have to pass the NTS test very soon. He said after the upgradation of hospitals in Booni, new posts would be created, including that of lady doctors, nurses and LHVs.—S.N. Peerzada]]>

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