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Female politician of Chitral descent awarded Senate ticket

ISLAMABAD, Feb 13: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Friday awarded Senate ticket to Samina Abid, the maternal granddaughter of Chitral’s ex-Mehtar Mohammad Nasirul Mulk. samina copySamina Abid, who speaks fluent Khowar, is the younger sister of Mehtar Fatehul Mulk Ali Nasir’s mother and daughter of Nawab of Amb. Talking to ChitralToday, Ms Samina said she was proud of being the granddaughter of Chitralis, adding she would make all-out efforts to raise Chitral’s issues in the Senate. “I’ve lived in Chitral most of the time rather I was brought up there at my nanyal (bupduri) and I consider myself as a Chitrali,” a jubilant Samina, who is also president of PTI women wing of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, said about her deep-rooted association with Chitral. She said Chitral would always be her top most priority followed by Malakand and Hazara. “The reason why I was selected is because I represent three different regions – Chitral, Malakand and Hazara,” she added. Ms Samina said the areas which she would represent were considered to be the most backward due to the lack of attention by the people at helm of affairs. “I will highlight socio-economic backwardness of the areas, especially issues related to health, child labour, women empowerment, early marriages of girls, etc,” she maintained. She said she would fight for the rights of have-nots and the downtrodden and introduce bills in Senate of Pakistan for legislation in this regard. “The issues faced by the people of Chitral, Hazra and Malakand are different from rest of the province and there is a need to pay special attention to resolve them,” she maintained. People belonging to different walks of life in Chitral lauded the award of the Senate ticket to Ms Samina against the quota reserved for women from Khyber Pakhtukhwa. They expressed the hope that being granddaughter of Chitralis, she would highlight the issues faced by the district vigorously.]]>

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  1. Umar Rafee says

    I think PTI has proven itself that such selections should be made through merit and two females have been given the ticket from Chitral our MPA Fauzia and Mrs Abida.
    We expect that a day will come when a Chitrali man or woman will be elected as chief minister of KPK, because Chitralis are the most educated people in KPK, peaceful and if our Chitrali are ever where even in New York UN Organization, Islamic Bank, Ambassador from these mountains.
    We congratulate her and Wish her all the best. And it is hoped that she will serve Chitral and other districts of Malaknad in future.
    Umar Rafee
    Chairman, BYLSO

  2. Ex PTI says

    PTI is same corrupt party like others, given all tickets to nawabs who funded PTI. so sad

  3. Basharat Hussain says

    Congratulation to Samina Abid for winning the senate women seat. We hope she will highlight Chitral’s problem in the upper house of parliament where Chitral has no representation since long.

  4. Liaquat Ali says

    We are happy with the decisions to award senate ticket to a woman representing long ignored women of KPK, specially of Hazara and Malakand Divisions in the Senate and believe that PTI has indeed decided to bring changes in KPK and in the country. PTI is no doubt has a woman from Chitral as member in the Assembly. Both of them shall no doubt be able to develop Chitral in the field of education, health and other activities for empowerment of women in Chitral.

  5. didar ali says

    PTI is doing the best for Chitral

  6. sadru says

    We appreciate PTI for awarding senate ticket to such a nice & hardworking woman.We hope she would fight for the unprivileged people.

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