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Taxi owner makes 18 Chitrali passengers hostage

DROSH, Feb 8: A passenger van and a taxi car (Ghogai) going to Upper Dir from Chitral collided with each other at Ashirait on Sunday. However, there were no casualties. But when the van reached upper Dir, the owner of the taxi car (Ghogai) held all the passengers of the van hostage for hours. Later, the subdivisional police officer (SDPO) of Drosh, Zafar Hayat, contacted the Dir police and got the 18 passengers, including the driver, released. The passengers demanded that a terrorism case should be registered against the taxi owner for making them hostage.The passengers included women, children and elderly people. Meanwhile, due to the smoke and thick gas, visibility was zero inside the under-construction Lowari tunnel on Sunday. As a result, a number of passenger vehicles collided with each other in the passageway. The passengers also suffered trouble and had to cover their faces amid the smoke.–Abbas Hussain Chitrali]]>

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