Selection of PPP's new cabinet in Chitral

The provincial PPP leadership has re-selected the dissolved cabinet of Chitral for a new term. As it is an acknowledged fact that the PPP is one of the greatest political parties in the country and most of its decisions are made in the light of the political norms relevant in other democratic set ups.The party head had announced dissolution of party portfolios at the provincial and district levels. In the KPK most of the district cabinet was replaced keeping in view of their achievements in the past elections and party strengthening. However, in some cases including Chitral, the existing set up was re-selected by the provincial leadership, definitely in consensus of central leadership. Some party workers protested against Salim Khan and Hakim Mohammad advocate cabinet upon their re-selection. It has also been reported that a parallel cabinet has also been formed by the dissenters. pppIn a democratic system political processes are governed by certain political cultural norms. These norms include hierarchical compliance, tolerance and peaceful demonstration etc. The provincial leadership must have assessed the whole political scenario before the reselection of the office bearers in Chitral. It must have critically analyzed the past achievements of the dissolved office bearers before making such decision. No one can deny the fact that PPP was in a difficult position before the existing leadership. It gave to the party energy, political direction and stability during the past years. Last but not the least it helped to transfer party leadership to the young generation. They also organized the party on a firm way by establishing tehsil wise cabinet both for male and female. During the period PYO and PSF also got motivation and momentum. According to my analysis the provincial leadership has made a correct decision with regard to the re-selection of Salim Khan as district president and Hakim Muhammad advocate as GS PPP district Chitral.Both these guys are loyal to the party manifesto and policy and easily accessible to the workers without any prejudice. They have successfully steered the party vehicle in difficult times, as witnessed in the current national and provincial elections. Majority of the workers have strong interactions with them and both stand beyond arrogance. They have also won confidence of majority of party workers. They are always in front in solving party workers` problems. They prefer party interest to their self interest. It has also been reported that the split group is led by a turn coat, which after the assassination of BB Shaheed had joined the APML of Musharaf.And when Musharaf was gone, again joined the party. What a political loyalty? There has also been gap on the part of the party leadership for encouraging them to rejoin the party by hook or by crook. There must be strict rules to avoid such political entries, otherwise such incidence will become precedents for the coming generations. Horse trading has become a common element of Pakistan political culture and a kind of lucrative political business for some politicians. In civilized democratic societies such political behaviours are discouraged as it derails and weakens democracy. In Chitral many political leaders have changed party loyalty just for personal gains on many occasions. Such things disturb positive political norms and a negative culture is promoted. Instead of forming a parallel cabinet the dissent group should record its protest to the provincial leadership to make a probe. If not satisfied with, then it has the right to approach the centre for highlighting its reservations. They have no right to make a parallel cabinet with a president. They should demonstrate political maturity and tolerance and avoid undemocratic steps, detrimental to the interests of the party. In such a time when local elections are on head, demonstrations of such behaviour will definitely weaken party position. Might be it a hidden agenda? The existing constitutional cabinet should also hold negotiation with the dissents to solve the issue amiably for the better interests of the party. Attack and counter attack will not serve the party interests.]]>

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