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A thank-you letter from Yarkhun

We believe that Shahzada Iftikhar is doing his level best to spread a web of development activities in all parts of Chitral especially in the most remote areas such as Yarkhun. The most troubling issue of the people of Yarkhun is lack of communication facilities. There is not a single health care facility like a dispensary in the whole Yarkhun from Brep upward and due to lack of proper road infrastructure the people of facing numerous issues here. I believe that with the construction of the Booni-Shandur road we the people of Yarkhun will also enjoy smooth travel at least between Mastuj and Chitral. At the same time, I would also appeal to the MNA to continue his efforst to launch the mobile phone service in our area as soon as possible. Once again, hat off to the MNA for getting the approval of the billions of rupees for the two road projects in upper Chitral. Abdul Nasir Khan Raza General Secretary Tehreek Taraqi-e-Yarkhun Bang, Yarkhun.]]>

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  1. sadru says

    korum balik,ka ki koyan,ha paisa ispa,hospital,road,bejlighar etc shawzak ispa hagan dti numayenda sawzasiyan,taka ispa masayel hal boni.

  2. sardar hussain says

    indeed it is appreciable but we not have to ignore shah Sab mpa upper chitral due to his effort an inquiry commission was set by NAB to investigate the corruption during former mpa. the credit also goes to him not only to MNA…..

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