Ex-woman MPA says she never held press conference against Salim Khan

ISLAMABAD, Jan 10: Shazia Tamas, a former PPP member provincial assembly, has denied that she had held any press conference against his party MPA Salim Khan accusing him of taking bribe as alleged by former MPA Ghulam Muhammad in a story published in ChitralToday on January 7. shaziaAccording to a statement issued by former PPP MPA, she was chairperson of provincial assembly standing committee on population welfare when Salim Khan was holding the ministry. “We’d very cordial relations and as chairperson of the standing committee I found Salim Khan very honest and a committed minister and there was not a single complaint against him throughout and this was the reason he remained minister for complete five years,” she added. She further said that it was only the performance and commitment with party that Salim Khan retained his PA seat. Besides, he was made the president of PPP Malakand division which reflected the party’s confidence in him. Ms Shazia called upon former MPA Ghulam Muhammad not to misuse her name for his own vested interests, adding if she had held any press conference against her own party colleague the record should be provided to the media. “I hardly knew him (Ghulam Muhammad) as he was not a member of my party. I have been to Chitral for several occasions and the way Salim Khan is making efforts and rather strengthened the party in district Chitral is commendable,” she concluded.]]>

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