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TMA Booni fails even to plug a leaking water pipeline

BOONI, Dec 13: The poor performance of the Tehsil Municipal Adminstration (TMA) Booni has increased the miseries of the local people as well as the commuters. booni copyAs winter has set in, water constantly flowing from a pipeline near hotels at Booni bazaar has made the main road icy and slippery. Talking to ChitralToday, one of the local residents said the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) has a big office building in Krui Junali but the performance of its staff, especially regarding cleanliness in the town, has always been pathetic. He said the TMA employees were not performing their duties honestly. The people of the area have informed the TMA officials about the leaking pipeline many times but no action has so far been taken, he added. Another resident said as the number of restaurants and shops in the market was increasing, the TMA had not laid any new pipeline in the area. Hotel owners keep the pipelines open at nights so that the water could not freeze due to the cold weather. One of the shopkeepers said he had seen many motorcyclists falling on the road due to its icy surface caused by the flowing water. He further said it had been a long-standing demand of the people of the area to reconstruct the congested road as Booni had become the financial hub of upper Chitral. Traffic jams also have become the order of the day inside the Booni town, especially in the morning and afternoon, when college and school buses also pass the area. The residents also criticized MPA Sardar Hussain for not paying any attention towards the public issues which the citizens were facing under his nose. They said the MPA should fulfil his promises and tall claims which he used to make before reaching the assembly.]]>

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  1. Karimullah says

    Sardar Hussain can speak, but he doesnt deliver on his words!

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