Transporters disregard govt order to cut fares

PESHAWAR, Dec 7: Within the last just one month, the federal government slashed petroleum product prices twice and now diesel is available at Rs.94.08 while petrol at about Rs.84 per litre. busAfter the reduction in the prices of petroleum products, the provincial government issued a notification reducing the fares of public transport vehicles. The new fares were to be implemented from December 1 according to which the fare of flying coach between Peshawar and Chitral was fixed at Rs.545, air-conditioned buses at Rs.645, ordinary buses Rs.470 and luxury buses at Rs.520. But, ironically, the transporters completely disregarded the government’s order and are still fleecing the commuters. The drivers on Chitral-Peshawar route are still charging the passengers Rs.850 after packing them in grave-like flying coaches. Besides, they are also looting the passengers taking from them fare even for handbags. People travelling on the Chitral-Peshawar route said whenever there was an increase in the prices of petroleum products, the transporters never wait even for the issuance of the notification and jacked up their fares but now when there have been drastic reductions in the prices they were not ready to pass on the benefit to the citizens. They demanded that the government should take strict action against the transport mafia for trampling its direction and fleecing the commuters.]]>

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