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Chitral's traditional handicrafts showcased at exhibition

CHITRAL, Sept 11:  To promote their skill, attract local non-local customers and promote linkages to national and international market, an exhibition of local handicrafts was held at a hotel in Chitral. Masterpieces of Khow and Kalash cultures were displayed in different stalls. The exhibition was organized by Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) in collaboration with different local support organizations. Throughout Chitral, women make handicrafts and other domestic items in their houses, most of them are handmade. Stalls of different handicrafts and other items representing Chitral’s culture were set up. The Khow and Kalash cultures stalls got attention of the visitors. Men and women in the stalls displayed handmade items and people were coming in a large number to see these handicrafts. shubinakTalking with our correspondent, some local women said they make these items in houses with hands without any machine. They said they could not sell the items due to the lack of market access. They said if the government and non-governmental organizations introduced these handicrafts in international markets they would be able to get suitable price and it would have better economic effect on the area. They complained about the poor road infrastructure in Chitral and said if the roads were repaired they could market their products at the Chitral town bazaar.  Sweaters made of wool with hands are very famous and these were also displayed in different stalls. Dry fruits, decoration pieces, stitched clothes in different designs and other daily-use items attracted the visitors. A machine also got attention of the public which is used for fixing of pipes without the use of nuts. Gems stones and other decoration pieces made from precious stones were special items of the stalls. Local people demanded improvement in the communication system and arranging such exhibitions for promoting of local culture to enable women folk for earning their livelihood.—GH Farooqui]]>

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