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Road to Kalash valley yet to be repaired

CHITRAL, Sept 11: In Ramazan the road to Bumburate was eroded in Kanisar, Dubash and some other places, which has not yet been rebuilt. The people of the Bumburate, particularly the flood-affected people, have reportedly requested deputy commissioner for the repair of the road and construction of protective walls but to no avail. roadAs a stopgap arrangement has been carried out in the peak season of tourism which is still not sufficient for the increasing traffic. The road in Kanisar had eroded too in flood three months ago. To keep the traffic continue to the valley, the road was constructed in the field of Fazle Rahim, Habib and Hussain in the area. They were neither compensated for providing the facility nor has the road been restored on its original place. Some people in Kanisar area also told about putting their request to Deputy Commissioner for the restoration of road and construction of defensive wall in the area. It was also reported that Tehsildar came few weeks later for the verification of the fallen road in the area but construction work has not yet been carried out for its restoration. Fazle Rahim on the occasion said that they used to charge forty rupees tax per vehicle in the beginning but it was same as to nothing for them. They also said that it was not suffice to compensate for the lose they sustained in flood and providing road facility to the people of the area until now. Fazle Rahim, is an affected person, who has given major portion of his farm land for road said that we are more concerned about our life and property in the area in the coming days because the flood if comes its waves may flow over their houses . He also showed his concern about the substandard work carried out in some other areas by the construction and work department. Fazle Rahim and other people of the area demanded for the restoration of the road and considering the people of the valley as part of the Pakistani nation.]]>

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