Upper Yarkhun villages cut off as bridge washed away

CHITRAL, July 11: The bridge at Zhupu, connecting the upper and far-off villages of Yarkhun with other parts of the valley, has collapsed due to the rising flooding in the river.

As a result, thousands of people have stranded in their villages while those outside cannot reach the area. Some people from the area reached here and complained that the area was facing shortage of essential commodities. They also said the bridge in Zhupu was washed away due to the negligence of the department concerned. They said the local community had been trying to protect the bridge but the government did not pay any heed to its repair and maintenance.

In March this year, the residents of the area had complained that the ramshackle wooden suspension bridge over the river in Zhupu village connecting Yarkhun valley and Broghil was about to collapse. Talking to ChitralToday, the representatives of the people had said no special repair of the bridge had ever been carried out since the construction of the bridge in 1993.

The communication and works (C&W) department always ignored the bridge. The wooden planks in the deck of the bridge had been smashed while one of the beams also stood damaged causing the bridge to tilt on one side and the structure can no more withstand the live load on it. The anchors on either side of the bridges have been slipped making them feeble to bear the high tension in the cables.

The collapse of the bridge has made more than five thousand households stranded on Broghil side and famine like situation can arise as commodities of daily use will run out in the absence of replenishment. The residents of Yarkhun had approached all the concerned quarters in the government to carry out repair of the bridge situated in a sensitive location but to no avail and they have no option other than waiting its collapse.

The people of Yarkhun valley and Baroghil have no alternative route and they are constrained to take the risk of their lives and vehicles by crossing this bridge on a daily basis.–Nazir Hussain  

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  1. Ispa nogh MPAOten darkhast sher ki hes haya taktifo hushkori tan gunjaisho koi, horo sar haya umed de sher he sero nama nisiru paisan chhoghan hosta no doi.

  2. 2010 gholam mahmad mpa meragama 10 lak rupa sero manzor kori, Iqbaluddin namen bonio e corrupt thikadarot paisan hawala koriko hase e sida phok simet dity paisan khatom koriko 2012 achi haji sahib mazid we basharo 10 lak hate tikadarot meherbani arer hate paisan bango sida khish khash kori oyoy,sero pata tan niky mansoba mukamal hoy,ka bashar no areni he tikadaro sar na haji sahibo sar.

  3. Ma brar ispa hamdardi pesa sum shani. Ispa tan leaders ta haya mutalibo kosiyan ki shawar shaw haya sair wa road o masalo hal korani. Akhair ispa dee haya mulko bashindagan wa hes ispa qanuni haq.

  4. Wezen bota sin dewsero sero d awai,3 ghanta besh koselik hoi kacha roada,hamosh bity kicha bosi ma khodai.

  5. Our respected MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin should rise to the occasion and come to the rescue of stranded Yarkhunites, because the people of Yarkhun voted for him in unison and gave him sweeping victory in last general elections.
    Now it is his turn to pay back the debt he owes to the people of the area.

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