AKHSS Chitral students shine in SSC exams

CHITRAL, July 11: The students of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Chitral showed outstanding reults in the Secondary School Certificate examinations, 2014, held under the Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB). 41289Akbar HassanAccording to the details issued by the school, Muhammad Yaseen of Madaklasht Valley clinched first position in the school in grade 10th by scoring 872 marks, while Akbar Hassan of the same village and Qazi Hashmat shared the second position by scoring 846 marks each. In SSC part 1, Muhammad Jalaluddin of Mafaklasht stood first by scoring 488 marks and Kashif Nawaz of Parwak village got second position by scoring 480 marks while Naveed Sultan of Karimabad Lotkoh bagged the third position by scoring 471 marks. Kashif Nawaz achieved another milestone by scoring 74 marks out of 75 in the subject of mathematics. It is pertinent to mention here that the toppers in individual subjects are also awarded by AKU-EB in an special ceremony held for the purpose in its central office Karachi. 41276Qazi HashmatTalking to ChitralToday, the patents and students appreciated the efforts of the school administration, its principal Mr Zulfiqar Ali and all the faculty members for providing excellent learning environment to the students to excel in their studies. In his message, the principal AKHSS, Chitral, Mr Zulfiqar Ali congratulated the students, faculty members and parents for the results of school. The students vowed their commitment that that they would continue their hard work in future and try to show even better results.—Waqar Ahmed 41262 Muhammad Yasin 41328 Naveed Sultan 41354Kashif Nawaz 41398 M.Jalal]]>

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  1. Mr Khan, Sher Nagin it is due to your lapsed knowledge and ignorance that you ask my help regarding a little job that you could not ask and do yourself as a political worker and a resident of same area from your elected representative. Yes of course I am going to tell you the truth and the real answer but you are never going to listen or trust and understand my explanation and my point of view, because you do not want to do so.Unfortunately, you made yourself deaf and dumb,if not you should know already listen, see and read about your Member of Parliament’s (Mr Sardar Hussain)recent budget speech in KPK assembly and prior this he has delivered 45 minutes fantastically, rich in arguments and spoke all about our beloved CHITRAL speech. But you do not have the capacity to get them. Therefore, you are begging someone else to ask on your behalf.
    Mr. Khan, history is witnessed that our ex-representative (Mr Ghulam Mohammad tikhadar sahib) could also not make a five minute speech in the same assembly in his six and half years span regarding our town Chitral. Yes he has boosted his privy properties from one gas station (petrol pump) to fifty may be more and from one house in Chitral to a luxury lodge in Islamabad. Alhamdullah we are Jeyala by birth and will remain Jeyala by the last breath.
    Therefore, for those sort of people it is stated in the Holy DASTOOR-E-INSANIYAT (Constitution of Humanity) because they are deaf and dumb and will never come back.

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  3. I agree with Sher Nagin Khan that on the one hand Sardar Hussain, in his very first speech to the provincial assembly, claimed of travelling in public transport (a white lie as he either uses Pir Karam double cabin, Salim Khan’s land cruiser or NGO vehicles), sitting at bus stands and taking tea at Baqu’s hotel (a chappar hotel at Booni bazar). But soon after taking oath he was attending the functions of two most expensive private schools, a wilfull attempt to discourage govt schools. The MPA claims to be from a poor background but his actions speaks otherwise. If he is so allergic to a wooden chair, the poor govt schoolteachers could have also borrowed a sofa for him if he had shown interest to spend a day with children studying in govt schools. The thing which was more shocking is that the MPA did not say a single word about the heavy school fees, which these school owners charge as these are mostly run for business purposes. It should be made mandatory that the each owner of these private schools will give free education to at least five children or else their registration should be cancelled.

  4. Indeed brilliant and excellent result t my congratulation to principal of the school parents and all students who have got brilliant position advice them to keep it up.

  5. Great job. Congratulations to all builders of the Nation.We salute your struggles toward the journey of education .our heartiest facilitation to all parents and relatives too.

    1. Gul Jee ma dost kicha asus la, ta pata niki aaj kal ghayib asus. Bo phuren gyao osho tan peero gani, bt am sorry to say MPA Sardar Hussain could be attending only private school function of his friends wearing cotton clothes. Wish if he could have paid a little attention to the khasta and zaboon hali of govt school. His claim to wage a jihad against the timber mafia has proved to be no different from PTI district president who misguided Imran Khan to pay special attention to protect the green trees while cutting them himself. Could u please ask your jiyala MPA to raise the issue on the floor of the assembly?

  6. Heartiest congratulations to all the students and their parents for excellent results. I also appreciate the result oriented efforts made by the faculty members and AKES,P management for their efforts and confident for a bright future as well.

  7. Brilliant result indeed, congratulation to the shining students, their parents and the principal, faculty, entire management of the School.AKHSSs keep shining. Cheers

  8. Congratulations to all the brilliant students of AKHSS,their parents, Principal Zulfiqar Sahib and all the faculty members Good job. Keep going.

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