Needed a drop of water!

Through your newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the plight of the residents of Dolomuch (Sayurj side) and Singoor. In the developed and fast paced world of today, it is hard to imagine that citizens have to plead for basic necessities like water. For the last one month, Dolomuch residents are suffering from extremely tough conditions. Water supply from Shasha is totally cut off. Pipelines for the WASEP water scheme have been laid but water supply has not been initiated as yet. The residents are forced to order tankers for daily use at hefty charges. Those who cannot afford the tankers have to manually carry water drums from long distance. Now that Denin has started receiving water from the Golen project, the water supply to the area should be regulated through either Shasha or the WASEP water scheme. This situation is very frustrating for the residents, especially in the presence of infrastructure and pipelines of two major water supply schemes in the area. Bakhtawar Salik Chitral.  ]]>

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  1. Salim Khan Sb kia dardot dawa?.Paracetamol ke boi andawo jam koi, disprin ke boi kapal chomikot wazi koi..Hot MPA raynian, hamit ho korum wa. Dolomuch residents mostly composed of people from Lotkuh, who were instrumental in giving Salim the lead in the last election.It is his legal and moral duty to come in the rescue under such circumstances.
    ispa masoom chehra wala ex-minister tan duro nasa e genuine maslo hal kok ke no bak birai, ho MPA hosteli hal biko jaga Arbab Road a b student hosteli hal balik. Kosu biti kamra ke gantai kharcha d kam goi.
    Gustakhi Muaf……….

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