PTI Chitral president burdened with another timber-related fine

ISLAMABAD, July 8: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chitral president Abdul Latif Khan has again been fined Rs.20.18 million for losing forest department’s timber to floods in the Kalash valley.

A letter issued by Naeem Afridi, deputy forest manager FDC Chitral, on April 2, 2014, (copy available with ChitralToday) stated that a contract for harvesting fallen trees from Lot No 636/M Achulgha compartment No 7 & 8 was awarded in favour of Mr Abdul Latif, son of Gul Sambar Khan of village Nichagh Oweer, tehsil Mastuj Chitral vide manager forest operation FDC Malakand circle, Saidu Sharif Swat, office No 111/2613/4702 dated 19-01-2010 and deputy forest manager FDC Chitral office letter No 1676 dated 18-01-2010.

It said the work contractor executed an agreement with the FDC on 16-01-2010. The letter added: “Under Clause 22(d) of the agreement, the work contractor was responsible for the safety of timber in the forest, in transit and from the forest to the roadside depot. In this regard, the work contractor was directed vide this office letter No 3064 dated May 15, 2012, 3236 dated June 28, 2012, 185 dated July 16, 2012, 2564 dated June 17, 2013, and 112-14 dated July 11, 2013 to protect the timber from expected floods. But the work contractor failed to make arrangements for the safety of the timber.”

At midnight between August 15 and 16, 2013, there was flooding in the Aghulcha valley which washed down the timber at the above-mentioned lot. The work contractor was again directed to collect/retrieve the timber vide this office letters No 363-65 dated August 16, 2013, and 906 dated November 7, 2013. But again no positive response was received form the contractor.

On the directives of the higher-ups, a committee consisting of the forest department and the DFC officers was constituted by the divisional forest officer vide his office letter No 25 dated August 16, 2013, to ascertain the losses caused to the timber from the flood. The committee submitted its final report in which the following losses/shortages were pointed out: Species                 Number of scants                  Volume cft Deodar                       729                                      8318.92.

Accordingly, a show-cause notice was issued to the work contractor vide deputy forest manager Chitral letter No 1732 dated March 21, 2014 and followed by reminders No 1763 dated March 28, 2014, and 1883 dated April 11, 2014. However, no reply was received till the issuance of this letter. “Therefore, the work contractor is liable to punitive action under clause 22(d) of the agreement executed by him with the FDC.

The work contractor is penalized for the loss of 729 deodar scant 8318.92 cft in the prevalent average market rate of auction held on March 25-26, 2014 at the DFC timber market Chakdara No 1 as under: For the loss of 729 deodar scant 8318.92 cft @ Rs. 2627.38 per cft amounting to Rs. 21,856,954. Penalty under clause 22(d) of the agreement amounting to Rs. 5,000. Total: Rs.21,861,964.

The letter said that the above amount was recoverable from the work bills, security deposits or as arrears of land revenues of the said work contractor as per provisions of the agreement. It may be recalled that Mr Latif had already been fined over Rs.40 million for cutting green trees in the same area of the Kalash valley. 

4 Replies to “PTI Chitral president burdened with another timber-related fine”

  1. This is step in right direction and a big steps towards change. A district leader of the ruling party has been fined , i have never seen an example like this in the recent history of the country. This is called rule of law, now what are we criticizing the party for. The PTI leader who was awarded this contract is responsible for the illegal cutting of trees and shall be right brought to book. For this the provincial government should be congratulated, if this would have been the past a person would have got away with the crime. Well done PTI.

  2. Tabdeli Agaye Hai! Still remember flowery and emotional speeches of Mr.Abdul Lateef against other politicians in Chitral but this is the result.
    Not just Mr.Lateef if properly screened many other black sheep can be found among ranks of PTI. During last recruitments in education and irrigation departments it is said that this corrupted leadership forced officers to select people of their choice. They even sat at the interview panel politicizing state department and violating merit.
    Some other leaders stationed at Peshawer have been looting fellow Chitralis and selling jobs, Definitely PTI leadership and Mr.Khattak is unaware of these cowards in his party. I think corruption was one of the reasons the local PTI leadership was opposing other potential leaders entry into PTI saying its not acceptable to workers . I think they didnt want any one disturb them during their rule.
    The corrupt local leadership also defied party instructions during by elections Tehsil Mastuj where they instead of supporting their coalition partner, supported opposition candidate, creating problems for their party in the provincial assembly ..
    PTI workers are very frustrated because of these people who have destroyed their party’s image and demand restructuring of the party in Chitral.

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