Rally set to move to Booni against fund embezzlement

WERKHOP, June 14: The people of Torkhow and Mulkhow are ready to hold a long march to Booni on Sunday against the government’s failure to take action against the contractors and the officials concerned for the embezzlement of funds for the construction of the Booni-Buzund road. On May 25, the residents of the area had given the government two weeks to punish the contractors for misusing over Rs370 million after leaving the road un-repaired. However, the government did not go ahead for initiating legal proceeding against the accused persons. A few officials of the C&W department were arrested in the case who on Friday also obtained bail. On Saturday, people of the two valleys were seen mobilizing the residents for holding the long march to Booni. A football tournament ended in Werkhop where most of the residents talked about their resolve to participate in the long march. A number of active members of the public mobilization team also addressed the people gathered at the football ground and asked to join their rally to Booni.]]>

4 Replies to “Rally set to move to Booni against fund embezzlement”

  1. @ Imaduddin
    Bro.U r cent percent right.Ur upcoming long march is indeed a democratic one and a noble one as well.i honor that.What i am saying is that only march to booni is not sufficient. If u want ur voice to be heard you need to go beyond long march.
    reference to Baqu Palaw is just joke.If Baqu denies palaw than i can manage it for ur entire long march participants right there at Booni, Just for free..
    Keep ur struggle, gradually and eventually things will come to the right track.

  2. Jalal uddin bai.
    Ispa tan havazo usnaisi va tan levela agitation de kosi curruptiono khelafa. Ispa kiavat raisian ke ispa inqilab angosi rai.Tatai ke ikhtijaj shum sharairan tu boonio chawka neshi hokumato qaseda guie korai va. tan muxi lu la. Tu ispa paisan baquot ke bo jashusan, tu tan palaw savzai hai paisan tu ganaiki.

  3. Booni Zindabad. Tahirul Qadri D-Chowk a dharna diko goyan, Werkhopo brargini Bunia Tajuddin Lalo Dukano pushta D-Chowk ghayravur.
    Khapay Khapay Werkhop Khapay.
    Corruption o Khilafa Awaz usnayko ispa pesasu ausi. Magar e tan muxhi lu la, Parliament house a pat Long march koko “Ta ke no poshiru ma d no poshiru” biti biran. Boonia pt long march koko pesat ka kiagh doi. E kama rough and tough nawjawan nan chakay C&W o daftaro bila “no xhuti hartal” ke artami phuk action kia boya. No “xhuti hartal” ya “Apak shushi hartal”, khiot ke urfay Aam a Bhuk hartal raynian, ke artami pesa kardu nayur, warna u giti taklef bomi, sirf baqu ot faida boi to palaw jam bir.

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