An appeal to prime minister

Every year Shadur festival is held with zeal and zeal. Thousands of tourists, foreigners and local, come to see the polo match and scenic beauties of the world highest polo ground. This festival has two impacts: firstly, it propagates the soft image of Pakistan as the peaceful people of the region display their culture there. Secondly, it helps strengthen our economy and provides temporary employment opportunities to the local people besides promoting the tourism industry. Chitral is an underdeveloped district of KP, which lacks basic infrastructures, healthcare facilities and employment opportunities. It is the only region of the world which has no access to the rest of the world for six months every year. This year Shandur festival is scheduled to be held from June 20 and the prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, is expected to be the chief guest on the final day of the three-0day event. The visit of the prime minister is overdue as for the last many years, after former president Pervez Musharraf, no dignitary has come to attend the festival. The people of Chitral expect that the new prime minister will visit Shandur and announce a number of development projects for Chitral. Ali Fateh Khan Karachi University  ]]>

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