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Sardar Hussain snatches PA seat after prolonged fight

CHITRAL, April 13: According to unofficial results received from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Chitral by ChitralToday, after the re-polling in the seven polling stations of PK-90 upper Chitral, Sardar Hussain of the PPP has won the seat by 98 votes. sardarAn ECP official shared with ChitralToday the results from the seven polling stations which are as follow: Barum Oveer Ghulam Muhammad 352, Sardar Hussain 231; Charun Oveer GM 160, SH 256, Awi Lasht GM 80, SH 160; Zizdi GM 196, SH 73; Mastuj GM 127, SH 246. Booni GM 293, SH 503, Sor Rech GM 318, SH 309. Postal ballots GM 159, SH 123. Apart from these seven stations, in the May 11 2013 elections: GM 10,057, SH 9,939. So the final lead of Sardar Hussain, according to ECP Chitral, is 98 votes. Out of the 5,032 votes, as many as 3,421 were cast in the seven polling stations, 64 rejected with the turnout rate at 67. 98 percent. It may be recalled that in the May 11, 2013, elections, Sardar Hussain had lost to Ghulam Muhammad by only seven votes. The PPP candidate challenged the victory of GM alleging large-scale irregularities in the recounting. Later, a tribunal ordered recounting of rejected and postal ballots in the seven polling stations which gave only one-vote lead to Sardar Hussain. As a result, the tribunal ordered re-polling in the seven polling stations. For more on this story, read here:]]>

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  1. Alhaj Muhammad Khan says

    Please convey my heartiest congratulation to MPA-elect Sardar Hussain of Booni on his success in the re-polling in PK-90. We hope that he will render best services for his constituency.
    Alhaj Muhammad Khan

  2. Shamsher Ali, Australia says

    Congratulations to Mr Sardar Hussain on his magnificent victory in the recent re-election in Chitral. I hope and believe that you will continue your efforts for the prosperity of Chitral. the election dilemma is now resolved and the time has arrived for you to meet people’s expectations and fulfil your promises which you made with the Chitrali people
    Good luck
    With best wishes
    Shuja Mir
    Shamsher Ali
    (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

  3. Akbar Khan, Karachi says

    I congratulate Shah Sab on winning the assembly seat and I salute the Chitrali people for their political awareness despite official pressure they used their vote in correct manner.

  4. Ali Begal says

    This assertion is not correct that PTI played politics in the APML defeat and supported the PPP candidate. I think PTI leadership played a great role in remaining neutral in the elections and resisting the pressure of the Provincial President of PTI. I assume that PTI was under pressure to in the Provincial Assembly to improve the number of its numbers and the APML candidate, who already supported the provincial Assembly unconditionally. Therefore the Swati was hoping that winning of the APML candidate could improve its numbers in the PA.
    Now locally the PTI leaders were against the Mafias who had earlier used money to rig elections and which led to High Court and later Supreme Court Battle. Therefore being a democratic party PTI local leaders in a meeting with Swati criticized his support for the APML candidate, while Swati who was adamant in his support for the former. Maybe that the among the PTI members who were earlier PPP supporters had soft heart for sardar hussain. But mostly the Tekadar mafia had become very strong in Chitral and they were virtually ruling Chitral in every aspect from pressurizing the govt officials to harrassing local people, therefore may be that the people have reacted to this.

  5. Ali Safdar Khan says

    Ghulam Mohammad Haji bo muqabila arer magam tan siyasi mushiranan punika har hoi. Ba zat khud Haji sb bo jam mosh wa ho muza kya takhaburi niki magam ho mushiran Boonio Haidari and co, sultani room, wa hakim sarwar , Sabir, wa ekama khur tekedaran punika hes har hoi. Koreko ki he roi sabiqa MPA namo gani aam royan bo tang koritani. He wajahen diti APML Upper Chitrara zawal pazir hoi. Haji Ghulam Muhammado fori tora tan mushiranan dasbardar korailik wa tan imago sawzelik.

  6. Hameed Sangal says

    Shah Sb ko mubarakbad aur Haji sb ne bhi sportsmen spirit ka muzahira kiya. Ye aik achi riwayat hai. Shah sb ki jeet me PTI aur JUI ney bhi kirdar ada kiya aur istarah PK ki seat PPP kay nam hui. Abhi malmilat sakht hain aur shahji ko bohut mehnat karni hogi kyun ke us ki parti bhi hokumat mein nhai hai aur mushkilat bohot hain.. ye election upper Chitral walon ke liye kafi mehengi sabit hui aur syed aur zondary biradari aik dosray ke gutham gutha hotay bachain.
    Ab allah hamara hami wo nasir rahay..

  7. Obaid Ullah says

    Mr Karim Aman comments regarding Mr Ghazi aka Chief are surprising and disturbing. As a PTI sympathizer I strongly take exceptions to it and say that Mr Ghazi took a very bold and principled stand against his own party head in KP. Not every leader can take such a step. People of the area have also welcomed his stand. According to reports our MNA, his brother and Mr Ghulam Muhammad came to Mr Ghazi’s house in Charun, along with PTI provincial president, who all happen to be partners in marble business. It is reported that Chief made it clear to Mr Swati that since the APML leaders were supporting the Tekadar, timber mafia therefore it would be against the interests of the party to support the APML. And he had also refused to visit the seven polling areas along with Swati and advised him to return to Peshawar immediately but upon hearing this all the business partners returned empty handed.
    Chief’s role was definitely decisive in the defeat of the APML candidate and really it was a good stand. There are reports that PTI Chitral has also written to Imran Khan seeking initiation of an inquiry against Mr Swati.

  8. Zulfiqar Ali Parimali says

    Zulfiqar Ali khud pti ka voter hay..zamir kay mamilay tasali bakhash banda hay.. Leykin muhtaram shah sahib ko election jitna intihayee aham thee..Yaqinan corruption ka khatima hoga..haq ki awaz buland hogi Batil mit jaigi..Allah say umid kay uper chitral may shah sahib ki badulat tarqi ayee gi oor rahay gi.. Shah sahi muhtaram jaisay Qabi MPA ki zarurat thee.. Upep chitral kay tamam rehnay walon ko mubara,, shah zindaba..Zulfiqar Ali parimali..

  9. Nisar Ahmad Shah says

    I offer my heartiest congratulation to Mr. Sardar Hussain for his brilliant victory and more importantly for his long legal struggle bearing fruits, at last. Otherwise, this would simply meant the loss of the precious time/resources of not only Mr. Hussain but the people of Chitral too.
    This would be really unfair if we will not appreciate the APML (Chitral) leadership in general and particularly Haji Ghulam Mohammad for showing highest level of political maturity by gracefully accepting the decision of the voters. There is a saying that, the greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. No doubt, Haji sb proved himself to be a courageous man, and set a wonderful precedent for days to come. We congratulate him for that.
    Coming back to Sardar Hussian again, I would love to quote one of my favorite writers, Paulo Coelho (Brazil): Don’t give up. Normally it is the last key on the ring which opens the door!!! So Mr. Hussain here you are. Your commitment accompanied by the will of God make it a success to you; and the power of the voters proved to be the last key! Bear in mind, your real test started now. Since my college days I have been hearing about your public speaking power, sense of humour and the natural leadership qualities. I am pleased that, at last you got a chance to prove your capabilities. However, it is always easy to talking the talk, but in fact, it is your walking the walk, which matters and will decide your political stature and leadership qualities.
    I congratulate you once again, and wish you all the best for a successful political journey in days ahead!
    Nisar Ahmad Shah
    Garam Chashma

  10. S R Khan says

    I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Sardar Hussain and hope that he will serve the people of his constituency irrespective of their political, familial and sectarian affiliations. The elections proved that the people of (upper) Chitral are politically mature and one cannot influence their decision making through money. We should also appreciate the APML leadership for their positive attitude in the post election scenario. It really sent a wonderful message about the tolerant behaviour and peace in our society.

  11. Akhtr Ali says

    I would like to congrete to Shah Ji, but it is very shaking that we succeded another opposition in provinsial assebly while in national assembly we have already Shahzada sb. many hopes are associate with shah ji sab but I think nothing will be fullfill and being a Chitrali to secure the seat of PPP i feel it is biggest tragedy that we have experience none of the upper level leadership have visited in chitral during the previous PPP tenure nor any development project has been launched. ak bar pher Sindhi ban gaye

  12. Ijaz says

    Mr.Karim Aman,
    One thing i want to Quote here only for you
    ‘Watu Izzu Mantasha, Watu Zillu Mantasha’

  13. Sajid Mansur says

    Sardar Hussain ki jeet Gudam Mafia k khilaf jeet hai. Meri taraf se sub division Mastuj k awam ko salam and shabash. Ab Sardar Hussain par ye qaraz hai k woh Ghulam Muhammad anr un ke gurooh k arkan Fazlur Rahman waghaira ke pet se ek ek pai bahar nikale.

  14. Karim Aman says

    The main reason behind the defeat of Ghulam Mohammad is the dubious role of local PTI leadership. Rehmat Ghazi’s petition to hold re-polling in the whole constituency was successfully dropped down by GM. The anger was yet to get out of his mind, he got directives from chief minister Khattak to back GM. But the retired experienced sarkari babu played such a trick under the guise of a supporter which resulted in defeat. I request the chief minister to order a probe against Rehmat and other local PTI leadership for decieving the top party leadership.

  15. Tariq Iqbal says

    I want to congratulate Mr. Syed Sardar Hussain for his fabulous win after long lasting struggle. I think he deserve for the seat. Keeping in view the condition of poverty and education in chitral we chitrali awam must select the best representatives to represent us either of the party they belongs to. Congratulation again to our New MPA.

  16. Mr. Chitral says

    Being a PTI member I am going to denounce the alleged interruption of PTI local leader to mislead the people of Chitral in general and the 7 re-polling stations in particular. All know about the corruption nurseries and their owners in this very unfortunate backward district. PTI workers expressed their apprehensions and surprised that how can PTI leaders have extended their helping hand to promote and strengthen irregularities and corruption. Thus they cast their vote to weed out irregularities, corruption, black money, and arrogance attitude and further pasted a solid and strong massage on the door-ways of the local PTI leadership. Here, as a democratic party member I am extended my warmest best wishes and congratulation to Sardar Hussain and hope that he will represent the people in their best leadership capacity and skill.

  17. Shams Ali Baig, China says

    I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the newly elected MPA Syed Sardar Hussain Shah for his recent historical victory. It is completely applied on you “survival of the fittest” and now we do hope for the best from your dynamic leadership to serve Chitralis with the best of your capabilities. Good Luck!
    Shams Ali Baig
    Hangzhou, P.R. China

  18. Sahib Khan says

    Congrats to Shah Ji and his party but the people of upper Chitral will have to wait for another four or five years to get any development work done. Shah Ji will get nothing for development funds from PTI govt in KPK. Now my dear upper Chitralis look to Qaim Ali Shah and Zardari of Sindh and God bless you.

  19. M. Wali, Mastuj says

    I am happy that the people of upper Chitral showed once again their highest maturity by voting a man whose party is not in power and whose opponent used money throughout. Perhaps it is the only area in Pakistan where people used their conscience against monetary benefits.
    At the same time, however, I am interested to see Sardar Hussain to use his oratory skills and rhetoric after taking the oath of the assembly. I will wait and would like to see him taking action against the timber mafia for which he ha been making tall claims all along and also to expose and take action against the corrupt, including his rival in the election.

  20. Zahiruddin says

    I would like to congratulate MPA Syed Sardar Hussain Shah sahib, his entire family, his party, friends and well wishers on his recent success in the re-polling. We all wish him all the best and hope that he would utilize all his potentialities for the betterment and development of the are.. Both our Ex MPA Haji Ghulam Muhammad sahib and newly elected MPA Shah sahib both deserve our respect. For me the difference between them is one is my elder brother and the other is younger brother. Wish them both all the best.

  21. Shahid says

    Well done/ congratulations, the people of Chitral and Pakistan People Party. keep it up again in all over Pakistan. Bravooooo

  22. Muhammad Khan, Peshawar says

    Money failed to win votes for GM when people of Chitral started forgetting Musharraf.LOL

  23. Abul Fateen says

    Really good news to have a common man defeated a Contractor Mafia …. An outspoken and talented person to represent upper Chitral people in the assembly …. So many congratulation…..

  24. Karim Aman says

    I would like to congratulate Gul Aman chacha to relax as it happens in politics. I must remind him that his brother Azam and family still voted for Ghulam Muhammad. You stand nowhere as far as convincing the voters and your job is only clapping. It is your hereditary problem as subidar sahib stood by Prince Muhiuddin till last breath. Keep one thing in mind that you are celebrating the victory today like no one but you will weep tomorrow as he would not be in a position except thumbing desks along with fellow Saleem Khan in the assembly. And yes one thing more we can still make the results controversial so you better stay calm instead of jumping in the air. I would also like to say that for you winning in the seven polling stations by bringing the whole PPP leadership is quite surprising but to us it does not matter as we are the rulers and can win anytime soon. To me Sardar Hussain will always remain a khalifa whether he becomes the chief minister as this is his identity. Bravo Ghulam Muhammad tum haro ya jeeto ham tumharei sath hain.

  25. Gul Aman Khan says

    Wow what a wonderful amazing and landslide victory of Mr Sardar Hussain of PPP Chitral in the yesterday’s election in 7 polling stations in spite of the different tricks for making foolish of people by the powerful contractors mafia of Chitral and also the rented and so called leader from Peshawar.
    I congratulate from the bottom of my heart to my all Brothers and sisters of Chitral for their democratic sense for rejecting those people who are corrupt and representing the dictator .Thank you for your historical decision yesterday my Sisters and Brothers of Chitral it is indeed a milestone in the history of Chitral that we together tight the last screw in the casket of the dictator and their hairs forever yesterday.
    Now we are also requesting the winner Mr Sardar Hussein be careful, the power of the vote is very strong you have to bowing down as a lowest servant of the people and use your utmost knowledge, experience and intellectual to serve the people of Chitral according to their wishes as we know that your are a brilliant, smart and honest gentleman. But again please do not change after the sovereignty. Here we salute your judicial struggle to gain rightly this goal. Again we salute and admire from your passion and politeness in a very difficult circumstance from the last six moths, you spent your valuable times and money due to this noble cause for the people of CHITRAL.
    On the occasion of this election we also offering our sincerely thanks and appreciation to the defeated candidate (Mr Ghulam Mohammad) for their cooperation calmness and passion during the election process with the election staffs for the legal requirements. Remember Mr Mohammad it is the power of the people that rejected you in this election due to your poor performance and representation for the people of Chitral for the last 7 years. you have to accept the decision of the people open hearty and you have to co operate the new Member of Parliament for the development and prosperity for the people of Chitral. Sovereignty is limited in time and should not stay in one hand forever .this is the democratic way acceptable all over the world in every civilized country. You have to accept the decision by the people of my beloved Chitral.
    I also congratulate my best friend Karim Aman (the official spokesman of the ex MPA) and Mr Mustaqeem Billah for their best struggles and Khatmat for the contractors mafia in CHITRAL. Now they have to accept the sweep decision by the people of Chitral and ground reality in Chitral. Finally I deeply congratulate the workers, the local and the provincial leadership of PAKISTAN PEOPL’S PARTY for their best election campaign for Mr Sardar Hussain of booni. You made it awesome by your tirelessly efforts and struggles .God bless you for ever.

  26. Waqar Ahmed says

    Well done. The entire team of ChitralToday deserves our appreciation to be once again the first to inform us. Keep it up.

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