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Final re-polling results

CHITRAL, April 14: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued the preliminary results of the re-polling in seven polling stations of upper Chitral (PK-90). According to the results received by ChitralToday, Sardar Hussain of the PPP bagged 1778 votes against his rival Ghulam Muhammad of the APML who scored 1526. A few votes went to the other candidates in the May 11, 2013 elections. their names and the votes they got are:  Hussain Ahmed JUI 4, Rehmat Ghazi PTI 10, Saeed Ahmed Khan PML-N 3, Syed Arshad Hussain Shah MQM 5, Syed Sardar Hussain Shah Ind 5, Shah Wazir Khan ANP 2, Sikandarul Mulk Ind 7, Abdul Qadir Ind 1, Aziz Nawaz Khan Ind 3, Faridullah Muttahida Deeni Mahaz 3, Mukhtar Ali Khan Ind 3, and Maulana Ghulam Muhammad JI 3. Total number of polling stations seven Number of registered voters 5032 Votes cast 3421 Rejected 64 Turnout rate 67.9849.]]>

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  1. Saifudddin Saif says

    May I take this opportunity to extend my sincerest felicitation to our brother Sardar Hussain on securing a well deserved victory in the by-polls. We all wanted him to be part of the main frame political systems and this was his chance to reach the Assembly. We hope that he would continue to raise his voice for the people of Chitral as he has always been doing. After a long time there is someone representing us all who has the courage and the natural ability to speak his mind out for the people of Chitral. Well done Sardar sb.

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