PPP warns PTI govt against pre-poll rigging

CHITRAL, April 10: The local PPP leaders have warned of boycotting re-polling in seven polling stations of PK-90, Chitral-II, on April 13, if the Pakistan Election Commission failed to stop the provincial government from ‘meddling’ in the election process. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, the PPP general secretary Mohammad Hakim advocate and others alleged that provincial PTI president Azam Swati had encamped himself in the area to lure voters in favour of the candidate of PTI-allied All Pakistan Muslim League (APML). They claimed that at the behest of party chief Imran Khan, the provincial government was engaged in worst pre-poll rigging to get the desired results. He said that Mr Swati was announcing development schemes in the villages where re-polling would be held which was tantamount to pre-poll rigging. He added that national identity cards were being collected from the voters to deter them from casting ballots. He said voters should be allowed to use their right of franchise freely. Mr Hakim said that PPP would have no option but to boycott the polling process if Azam Swati was not called back to Peshawar.–Zahiruddin  ]]>

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  1. Azam Swati ochay Ghulam Mohammad Haji business partner hetan marbleo business sher, hes sirf tan partnero support koriko gitiasitai..hanuno latest reporto mutabiq charuna PTIo partio karkunan ijlasa swatio sum bo baizati kardu birani.. wa hes qahri biti shapik no zhuti chitraro weshki rahi kardu birai..

  2. APML wala sakht khosha biti Azam Sawatio istiqbalo kardu birani, e die-hard APMlian bo khoshan bit rardu birai ke
    “Tan khosho giko tima ke khabar baysanay ma zhaan
    “Khosho giru xhagahin ma durdano kann gulab kishay san”.
    PPP o ihtijao wajhain swatio achi afot mashkiko lu bitit sheni.E Booni based analyst o mutabeqa
    Azam Swati tan bistaran gol koka masroof asur.E khur report o mutabeqa Chief officer, swatiot qahri biti tan dura giko d to no lakiko, Swati charno sera haya haya bashono ray roomo arqo chakay u giru birai, “Awa swatotay bim daq swati a ma xhaan”……….

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