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Hang me in place of Musharraf, says Chitrali man

CHITRAL, April 10: On February 21, 2014, a woman from Chitral while talking to ChitralToday said she was ready to die for Musharraf. Now a middle-aged man from Garam Chashma, another fan of the former military ruler, has come up with the offer that he should be hanged or flogged in place of Musharraf. mir baig“I am ready to be flogged or hanged in place of Pervez Musharraf who is my ideal in life and the benefactor of the people of Chitral,” said Mir Baig of the Murdan village. Baig came all the way from his home in the Garam Cashma valley to the Chitral town and held a press conference to say that he was distressed after being told by people that Musharraf was about to be punished. “I will feel pride to face the punishment for him.” Mr. Baig said the former general was the one to make the dream of Lowari tunnel a reality which was the greatest impediment in the progress of Chitral which remained cut off from the rest of the country for five months of the year. He said that thousands of people have been perished in their attempt to cross the Lowari Pass in the winter and early spring and this will never happen from now on due to the construction of the tunnel.

How can we forget Musharraf who visited Chitral every year during his rule and each time bestowed upon us new development projects like Shandur-Chitral road, Golen Gol hydropower project, truck-able bridge at Mastuj and  Booni-Shagram road: Mir Baig 
Each and every Chitrali, he said, was indebted to Pervez Musharraf and are perturbed over the situation through which he is passing and every one in the valley is ready to embrace death for him. He burst into tears on this occasion and appealed to the government to spare Musharraf as he was ready to die for him along with his children.–Zahiruddin For the Chitrali woman’s story, read at this link:]]>

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  1. Syed Masroor Ali Shah says

    Hahahahaha nonsense people of our area some body ask him that what happen to the road of Shandur Chitral? why the road is still in complete ,where the money went and who is the responsible of this incompleteness? jo aj kal musharaf k nam ley k vote ley rehey hen wohe hen wohe paise kahaa gyea..

  2. Gul Jee says

    I can only suggest to uncle Mir Baig of Garam Chashma and aunty Shahida Sahar that this is not the right month for Qurbani, and also Chitral is not the right place for this holy act so you guys should go to Saudi Arabia for this holy idea. In this way you can get direct admission in JINNAAT (paradise) without any kind of interference, just like Taliban who say that if you killed one western you will go to paradise directly. So uncle Baig and aunty Sahar do not waste time hurry. We salute your negative thinking.

    1. syed masroor ali shah says

      agree dear w8 for some time

  3. Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil says

    @ javed Karim
    Mr. Karim a persian poet says:
    “Mian Ashiq u mashooq ramz est
    Kiraman katibeen ra hum khabar nist”
    You will not understand the intensity of spiritual affiliation and love. What else this buzurg could do for a person whom he respect and love from the bottomless depth of the endless universe of his heart.His statement of presenting his life for Musharaf indicates that, he is a kind-hearted is indicative that he may be a nice-hearted pure chitrali.In judicial perspective his offering may hold no water but in the realm of humanitarian fellow-feelingness he deserves an applause.In this world of material madeness such sentiments should be respected not ridiculed or criticized. I am not going away from the so admired pragmatism, but words of hearts should also be respected.
    “Dilsay jo baat nikalti hai asar rakti hai
    Pr nehi taqat parwaz magar rakti hai”
    I thank the old miki for being a real Chitrali..You should take back ur comment, i suggest.

  4. Javed Karim, Chitral says

    What this man wants to get from offering his life for Musharraf. If I were in some authority I would put him in Haripur jail and tell him to get ready for hanging two days later. I bet he would plead me to save his life and run away. Old man, if you don’t have any work at your home, go to your neighbour and help him in some domestic chores.

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