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Azam Swati's money cannot save contractor mafia from defeat, says Sardar Hussain

ISLAMABAD, April 9: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate for PK-90 Chitral-II Sardar Hussian on Wednesday accused Chief Minister Pervez Khattak of getting bribe for extending support to Ghulam Muhammad of the APML in the re-polling in seven polling stations of upper Chitral. swati“The arrival of Azam Khan Swati in Chitral to muster support for the APML candidate Ghulam Muhammad has proved that Imran Khan is either a political novice or corrupt to the core,” Sardar Hussain said while talking to ChitralToday on phone on Wednesday night. He said Imran’s rhetoric of change had been exposed after he sent Azam Swati to Chitral to garner support for the candidate of Musharraf’s party. He said that how Swati, who was once the richest senator of Pakistan, can win votes in the far-off villages of upper Chitral like Zizdi and Barum for the APML except using his ill-gotten money?  Sardar Hussain said that there would be a battle between the people of the seven polling stations and the contractors mafia on April 13 and the people would be the winner. He added that the PTI chairman was either a western stooge or a hardliner Islamist. “He has been a staunch supporter of Taliban and now he projects himself as a liberal before the West by extending support to Musharraf,” he added. The PPP candidate said he was unable to understand the logic behind Imran’s wholehearted support to Musharraf’s party in Chitral. The sole purpose of extending support to the APML candidate, he added, is to protect the corrupt and the corrupt mafias. sardarHe claimed that Azam Swati was a defaulter of US banks, and the sole purpose of his being in politics was to protect his ill-gotten wealth. He also criticized Swati for his alleged statement that he would buy the seven polling stations by throwing money. Mr Hussain further stated that Swati had reached the mountains of Chitral seeking support for APML candidate, but the PPP, JUI-F, ANP and JI electoral alliance was confident to give a humiliating defeat to the corrupt contractor mafia, of which Ghulam Muhammad was the leader. He said that PTI’s adventurism to extend support to a political party which has only one National Assembly seat will be the last nail in the coffin of the PTI in Chitral. He also said that he had submitted over 25 applications to the anti-corruption department for holding a thorough probe into the alleged embezzlement of public funds by Ghulam Muhammad in different uplift project during his previous tenure. Mr Hussain also accused the APML MNA from Chitral and his brother of timber smuggling, alleging they had smuggled timber out of Chitral with the help of a PTI provincial minister due to which the price of timber had jumped from Rs16 to Rs800 per cubic foot within a short span of one year.  ]]>

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  1. Gul Jee says

    Azam Swati using his illegal and black money to rescue the sinking ship of the APML in Chital. Remember my Chitrali brothers and sisters, the late Shaheed Z.A. Bhutto said in 1976 during the elimination speech of Usher: “You will forget me but I will never forget you.” Today you should remember that historic speech and please come out from your homes and cast your valuable votes in favour of PPP candidate (Mr Sardar Hussain of Booni), the young and energetic gentleman of the area. He has the ability to fight for your rights everywhere. My dear sisters and brothers, the contractors mafia is distributing money and you should take the money, it is your money that had been taken away from you through backdoor but when you go inside the polling station cast your vote for your choice candidate no one can force you that time. Today we are requesting the the high authority of the Election Commission of Pakistan and the district administration of Chitral to take serious notice of Azam Sawat’s involvement and activities in Chitral and order his deportation from Chitral. The dawn of 13 April 2014 will rise with new hopes and prosperity for the people of my peaceful CHITRAL and we will together tight forever the last screw in the casket of the dictator and rescue our CHITRAL from the contractor and thief mafia.

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