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After NTS tests, appointment of teachers stalled in Chitral

CHITRAL, April 5: The education department has failed to fill the vacant posts of over 300 schoolteachers in Chitral even after conducting tests and interviews two months back. The students in the public sector schools will suffer due to the shortage of teachers in the outset of their new academic year. ntsResenting the indecisive nature of the government and the apathetic attitude of the education department, a number of parents said the future of their children was at stake due to the shortage of teachers. Muhammad Daud of Terich said for the selection of teachers, the selection process was entrusted by the education department to the National Testing Service (NTS) which has completed its job two months ago and compiled the merit list for appointments. He said that the education department has unnecessarily delayed the appointment process based on the merit list on one pretext or the other and this is directly affecting the students in the class rooms who will have no teachers to teach them. He alleged that those in the government might try to change the results of the tests conducted by the NTS to favour their own persons while the testing process was transparent and it provided no chance of manipulation. Ziyad Wali from Mastuj, said that it may take about two months for the newly appointed teachers to report their arrival at their respective schools after undergoing the routine official procedures. He said the schools will close for summer vacations in the months of July to reopen in August and there will be hardly four months left in the academic year as the winter vacations are scheduled in the month of December. Mr. Wali was of the view that the main obstacle in the academic development in the public sector schools was the shortage and truancy of teachers as is seen from the prevailing situation when the schools will be opened after the spring vacations without teachers. “The rulers of the province have their children enrolled in private sector schools, that is why they do not care for the shortage of teachers in the government-run schools and delay the appointment process,” he said. When the district education officer (male), Nisar Ahmed was contacted, he admitted the fact that the students will suffer after the spring vacations but expressed his helplessness as he waited directions from the high-ups.–Zahiruddin]]>

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