Poor wireless loop service of PTCL

It is more than a month we are waiting some miracles to happen so that we can contact our friends and families at home. Every time we dial, there is the most annoying voice of the computer lady—the number you have dialed is not responding at the moment! We don’t know when the fortunate moment will come, to have been able to talk rather than hearing to the ‘not responding’ rhetoric. The criminal silence on the part of Wireless loop PTCL high-ups is really shameful. Their indifference to the plight of their subscribers speak volumes about the hollowness of their mission & vision statements, which reads “Quality and Time conscious customer service” and the “Customer Satisfaction”, respectively. Since we are already fed up of the ‘quality and time conscious customer service’ of the Wireless loop PTCL, now it is a time to sell out the ‘telephone boxes’ as we cannot afford to keep them as a mere show piece item. Nisar Ahmad Shah Garam Chashma, Chitral]]>

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