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Association struggling to promote cricket in Chitral

CHITRAL, March 23: Sport can no longer be considered a luxury within any society, rather it is an important investment in the present and future, particularly in areas like Chitral.

Association Sport has historically played an important role in all societies, be it in the form of competitive sport, physical activity or play. It is said the society where playgrounds flourish, there would be no need of hospitals. Sport and games are human rights that must be respected. Similarly, sport has been increasingly recognized and used as a low-cost and high-impact tool in humanitarian efforts of building healthy societies.

Government’s role remains always vital in promoting sport and sportsmen. Basically, it is the government and its departments who are responsible to make available encouraging environment and facilities for recreational activities and sports. At the same time, the role of sports associations is indisputable in the promotion of particular sport, encouraging and providing opportunities to players. The more the association is strong and viable the more that particular sport thrives. The Chitralis are sports-loving people and different events are organized in this enchanted land with regular interval.

The District Football Association has been delivering commendable job for the last more than a decade. Few years back, cricket player of Chitral formed District Cricket Association (DCA) which hoisted hopes in cricket players but unluckily the then DCA could not deliver fruitful job and remained only in papers which frustrated cricket lovers. The youngsters and cricket lovers of Chitral, particularly Chitral town, after witnessing the weakening situations, again gathered and decided to reorganize DCA.

New crickets clubs were given membership and after an election under the courtesy of district sports officer the DCA was reshaped, new office bearers elected. Today more than 50 cricket clubs are registered with DCA which glorifies the association to be representative of a huge number of cricket players and lovers. The new cabinet comprises of young, enthusiastic, motivated and well educated guys who leave no stone unturned in struggling for the promotion of this international level game. Javed Ahmed, the president of DCA, is much hopeful of getting the support and patronage from district administration and other stakeholders including PCB and its provincial chapter. He says that DCA cabinet was elected One year back and it is for four years.

After its election the DCA Chitral has work a lot for promotion of cricket. Organizing district level events, establishment of DCA office, registration of new cricket clubs and extending moral and legal support to clubs are few activities carried out by DCA in this very short period and these would be extended and expanded as well in the coming years.

He confirms that lot of things have to be done and the DCA is fully committed. Javed Ahmed also requests the District Administration, Directorate of Sports and Pakistan Cricket board to support and cooperate with this representative body. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the custodian of cricket in Pakistan, should give proper attention towards cricket in Chitral and support DCA to promote cricket so that the youngsters of this talented land could avail grooming opportunities. Similarly, the directorate of sports and district administration should also extend maximum support. Thus the DCA would be able to arrange cricket tournaments not only in Chitral but also in Drosh and Booni.

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