PTI's last-ditch effort to stay re-polling in upper Chitral

ISLAMABAD, March 23: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chitral leader Rehmat Ghazi has moved an application in the Supreme Court seeking a stay order against the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announcement to hold re-polling in seven polling stations of upper Chitral on April 13. rehmat copyWhen contacted, Mr Khan, who was the PTI candidate for PK-90 in the last year general elections, confirmed that he had submitted an application to the apex court for a stay order against April 13 re-polling. He said the court would hear the case on March 26. “Yes, I’ve moved an application for a stay order as we want re-election in the whole constituency after an election tribunal unearthed massive rigging in the last year general elections. I was also a party in the case for recounting of votes along with Sardar Hussain and had also filed a petition with the apex court,” he added. He claimed that the apex court had accepted his petition and fixed the case for March 26. However, when checked there was no such case in the cause list of the apex court issued for the month of March. “When my petition was in process, the ECP announced the election schedule [and] now after the court accepted my petition for hearing I moved an application for the grant of stay order…once the stay order is granted, the court will hear the petition,” he maintained. Ignoring the plight of the people who have been without any representation in the provincial assembly, the champions of change seem trying to further delay the re-election in the constituency. Meanwhile, sources in the PTI claimed that pushing Rehmat Ghazi for the PK-90 was a strategy by some of his opponents within the party to block his entry into the race for the slot of district nazim for which he is thought to be a favourit candidate of chief minister Pervez Khattak. The sources said the rivals of Rehmat Ghazi will stop him from the race of the district nazim on the pretext of extending him full support for PK-90.]]>

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  1. hamin fuzul behas mein nahi parna chahiye or Adalat ko uska kam karna dena chahiye. Adalat jo bhi faisala dega umeed hai kay kay liye acha ho. PTI ka Supreme Court mein appeal unka haq hai

  2. The report mentions “Ignoring the plight of the people who have been without any representation in the provincial assembly, the champions of change seem trying to further delay the re-election in the constituency”.
    The learned reporter is requested not to add unnecessary remarks and stick to provide information to the readers rather than imposing his views on us. Rigging during the elections in the mentioned constituency is no joke. Commission and the tribunal have investigated the matter and concluded that there were large scale discrepancies.

  3. If any candidate is exercising his constitutional right by seeking court order for re-election, he should be given fair chance. What I think the development of the area has long been delayed, one month more delay will not affect the overall development if any right person is elected by re-election. So Rehmat Ghazi sab must use his constitutional right. I agree with him.

  4. Muhtaram brarginian, ispa Chief Sabo mashkur ki hes haya aham caso gani supreme courta alai.. dhandlio ilzamo commission wala di mani asuni. wa sirf 7 polling station election koraik Chitraro sum na insafi .. Inshallah shafaf election ki honi Cheif bo mazbut umeedwar wa hes PTio ghona partio ganni 8000 vote ganitai wa hes PPP ya APML ticketa giruva referendum koraiseer..

  5. This is a very just and right petition and we hope that the Superme Court will give a right decision for re-polling in all of the upper Chitral. The respected reporter is advised to revisit the Supreme Court website as the petition is in the cause list for the 26th March.

  6. It is not wise on part of Honourable chief officer to try to further delay the re-polling. Let the justice to take its course. Further delay of the re-elections will exacerbate the sufferings of the constituency. I suggest chief miki to accept his defeat in the election and try to concentrate to secure top position in Local Bodies Election.
    Setting barriers on the way of re-polling will not only effect his popularity graph but will also prove disastrous for his position in the upcoming L.B elections.
    “Shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shub say kahin behtar hai.., Apnay hisay k diay jalatay jatay”.
    Being socialized in the unique culture of my great Khow Culture, I respect all the contestants for the membership, but my vote will obviously will go to the deserved. In the current set of affairs we have to choose either honourable Ghulam Mohammad or worthy Sardar Hussain. It is up to the people of the seven polling stations to decide their vote on the basis of merit, leadership skills and host of other consideration. Therefore, coming of Chief Miki in this very crucial time is not prudent enough. He should concentrate on the L.B. election rather than meddling in the contest between Mr. Ghulam Mohammad and Mr. Sardar Hussain. Justice will prevail and the deserving will ultimately succeeds.
    Taking advantage here, I would like to suggest that the people should not post any comments which may undermine the stature of any candidate. However, criticism of policies is verily a democratic practice.
    Hope Chief will allow the law to take its course. Further, hair splitting in no way will help the PTI candidate to be a player in this election. The apex court will comply with the verdict of the ECP and the ultimate contest will be among Sardar Hussain and Ghulam Mohammad.

  7. Espasum zulum mokorur Taliban Khan ke supporters by again delaying the election. Everyone knows that nobody supports you in Chitral. Haya Seat Pervez Musharrafo Amanat sher.

  8. Tabdele k dawedaron zara hum pr rahum b kar lo kb tk is bad qesmat qawm ko ecploit karte raho ge…???

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