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If you want a change in Chitral, vote for PTI, says student leader

DROSH, Feb 17: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has come to power in the KPK with the mandate of the masses to rid the province of corruption and ensure rule of law and this regard the party was striving hard to fulfil all its promises made with the people before the elections. ISFThis was stated by Qazi Zubairuddin, former president of the Insaf Student Federation Chitral, in a statement here. He said it was unfortunate that in the 2013 elections none of the PTI candidates could win a seat from Chitral. He said the people of Chitral should vote the PTI in the forthcoming local government elections. He said the PTI chief Imran Khan’s motto was to change the corrupt system of governance in the whole country and the party would soon practically show it in the KPK by making a model province so that it can be replicated in the country very soon. Mr Zubairuddin said the PTI was the party of the poor and the middle class and it had showed this by allocating tickets to its workers from the poor background. “Our district president is Abdul Lateef who comes from a modest background while Haji Sultan, who was also allotted ticket for the seat of the provincial assembly, comes from a very backward area of Arandu. Because of their association with the poor and modest backgrounds the PTI leaders have been working to resolve the issue of the poor people.” The student leader said it was very unfortunate for the district of Chitral that in the 2003 elections the PTI could not win a single seat from here. Even then, the PTI is very much grateful that a large number of people voted for the party. He said that the people of Chitral should overwhelmingly vote for the PTI candidates in the forthcoming local government elections so that the party can get the opportunity to serve the masses and implement its agenda of change in Chitral too.]]>

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