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Wapda staff working on Lowari Pass deserve regularization, says union

CHITRAL, Dec 5: The office-bearers of Chitral chapter of Pakistan Wapda hydroelectric workers union have demanded of the government to regularize the services of the daily-wage employees working on the Lowari Pass. wapdaAddressing a press conference here on Thursday, chairman Zaheeruddin, vice-chairman Muneerullah, general secretary Sher Muqaddas and others said the employees deserved to be regularized after serving for 11 years in the most risky area where they were imperiled by avalanches and blizzards. They said that some of them had been physically incapacitated for life while performing their duties but they enjoyed no compensation or privilege as enjoyed by the permanent employees. Giving the example of one Bashir Ahmed who had lost both of his arms in the Lowari Pass while working on the high tension wire, they said despite the lapse of five years not a penny had been paid to him. They praised the services of Mardan-based executive engineer of national grid Murdad Khan who provided all out technical support to them in the Lowari Pass to keep the national grid intact against the harsh climatic conditions.–Zahiruddin]]>

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