Booni: Thousands stage sit-in against corruption

BOONI, Dec 5: Thousands of people belonging to different villages of subdivision Mastuj here on Thursday held a sit-in protest against alleged embezzlement of millions of rupees in the communication and works (C&W), irrigation and the public health engineering departments and the Sarhad Hydro-Development Organization (SHYDO). SONY DSCAddressing the protest set-in at Booni Chowk, speakers expressed their concern over rampant corruption in these departments at the cost of the public welfare. They said the C&W department had shown Mastuj and Torkho roads as black topped in paper but the road still remained in a dilapidated condition with big ditches developed on its middle. They said the irrigation channels had damaged and the irrigation department spent millions of rupees only in paper claiming that the channels had been repaired. People of Booni faced great have lost huge losses between 2002 and 2008 when the irrigation channels in the town were swept away by floods. They said that work on a truck-able bridge had been started a few years back and the C&W department had assured the residents that it would be completed within six months the project still remained incomplete. They said some 7.5 million had been spent on the water supply scheme in 1990 by the Public Health Engineering Department in Raeen village but there was no singe pipe provided to the area and the people were still without drinking water. They also lamented poor performance of SHYDO department as a large number of people were still deprived of electricity. They demanded of the provincial government to conduct an inquiry into the embezzlement of funds and corruption in these departments and bound them to complete the developmental works in the subdivision on a priority basis otherwise the people would launch a protest movement. They also demanded immediate transfer of Deputy Commissioner Chitral Muhammad Shuaib Jadoon for his behavior toward the people of Chitral. Those who spoke on the occasion were Rahmat Salam Khan, Ghulam Muhayuddin, Abdul Rehman, Meraj Hussain, Abdul Samad, Saifullah, Mukhtar Ahmad, Maulana Kifayatullah, Sardar Hakeem, Shah Jang Azeem, Qazi Jamaluddin, Shah Ahmad Hussain, Hussain Zareen, Parvez Ahmad Lal and retired manager Sarfraz Ali. Thousands of people belonging to Mastuj, Booni, Torkhow, Mulkhow, Chuinj, Awi, Parwak and Charun participated in the sit-in protest. There was a complete shutter-down in the Booni Bazaar on the occasion.]]>

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