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A day of joy for Musharraf's Chitrali fans

CHITRAL, Nov 9: People in Chitral expressed joy and distributed sweets after Musharraf was granted bail in all the four pending cases against him in Islamabad. mushAhmad Khan, one of Musharraf’s fans, said he was very happy and distributed sweets  among the people at his firewood stall on Booni Road. Ahmad Khan is a senior citizen  and a staunch fan of Musharaf. He also used to regularly meet Musharraf when he visited Chitral as the president of Pakistan. He also met Musharraf many times at his farmhouse in Islamabad. Talking to this scribe, Ahmad Khan said, “I have no personal interest from the former president but only like him and I am his fan.” He said whenever Musharraf came to Chitral he specially invited me and once I also joined him in a folk dance during the Shandur polo festival. Ahmad Khan is selling firewood here and has also hoisted the flag of All Pakistan Muslim League of Musharraf.—GH Farooqui]]>

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