Inflation-hit Chitralis finding it hard to buy sacrificial animals

DROSH, Oct 13: Sacrificing an animal on Eidul Azha is mandatory on all Muslims and they have been observing the obligation with religious zeal and zest for centuries. sacrificialBut the rising inflation which has already broken the back of the common people seems to becoming an impediment in the way of even well-off people to fulfil this ritual. During a visit to the animal market in Drosh, this correspondent saw animal sellers complaining about absence of buyers. But those coming to the market were seen just looking and patting the animals and going away without buying one. When asked, the intending buyers said that the prices were so high that they cannot afford to buy even an ordinary animal. However, they seemed hoping against hope that the prices may fall a few hours before Eidul Azha or even on the first day of the religious event. Usman Khan, an animal seller in Drosh, told ChitalToday that this year the prices were not that much high but even then he had not been able to sell sufficient number of animals as buyers had no money. He said the skyrocketing prices of all the daily-use items had left such an impact on the consumers that they were not able even to buy an animal in a year to fulfil their religious obligation. People in the market said the government should take some urgent measures to check the rising inflation and give some relief to the common people.goats]]>

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