Commission openly favoured PPP candidate, says GM's lawyer

ISLAMABAD, Oct 11: The transparency of a two-member commission formed for recounting of rejected votes and postal ballot papers in PK-90 Chitral II has been put in doubt well before the tribunal’s verdict. Waqas Ahmed (advocate), the counsel for APML candidate Ghulam Muhammad, told ChitralToday on phone from Chitral that the commission had showered its blessings on the PPP candidate Sardar Hussain, flouting its mandate. Narrating the details of alleged irregularities in the recounting of rejected votes, he said at Poling Station 44 (Shotkhar), serial number 2 of the ballot paper was rejected saying the stamp did not contain the ECP sign on it, depriving his client of one vote. At Polling Station number 24 (Warijun), one vote with same defect in the same stamp was declared valid in favour of Sardar Hussain of PPP – a clear-cut favour which depicts the biasedness of the commission. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe went on to say that at Polling Station number 41 (Rayin), serial number 1 of the ballot paper, the major portion of the stamp was in the name of Saeed Ahmed, but the vote was decided in favour of Sardar Hussain. This story did end here as at Polling Station number 102 (Miragram II), serial number 1 of the ballot paper, he added, thumb impression was engraved on the names of both Sardar Hussain and another candidate Aziz Nawaz, but Sardar Hussain again prevailed and bagged the vote in his favour. He continued that at Polling Station number 43 (Shagram), serial number 1 of the ballot paper was without any stamp and this was also put in the lap of Sardar Hussain. At Polling Station number 44 (Shotkhar), serial number 5 of ballot paper, thumb impression of the voter was put in the names of both Sardar Hussain and one Syed Arshad Hussain Shah, which was once again thrown towards Sardar Hussain.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA He further said that at Polling Station number 44 (Shotkhar), serial number 8 of ballot paper carried thumb impression of the voter on both Sardar Hussain and Aziz Nawaz but lucky stars of Sardar Hussain once again brightened the sky and it was declared in his favour. Another interesting rejected vote at Polling Station number 44 (Kushum), which was also counted in favour of Sardar Hussain, carried 0.7 centimeter of the stamp on the name of Sardar Hussain, while one centimeter was on the name of Aziz Nawaz – a sheer nepotism which cast doubt on the impartiality of the commission especially formed to resolve the issue. He said that in recounting of postal ballots, the commission rejected three valid votes of Ghulam Muhammad, merely on the pretext of having ex-MPA with his name, which carries no weight to deprive a candidate of his genuine valuable votes. In yet another episode, a postal was declared in favour of Sardar Hussain as the voter had used his right to franchise also for Muhammad Hakim Khan (advocate) – a candidate who was not contesting for provincial assembly seat. Advocate Waqas also alleged that Amir Muhammad Khan, the manager of PTDC Motel Chitral, where the two-men commission stayed throughout their stay for recounting, happened to be the paternal cousin of PPP candidate Sardar Hussain. He added that Mr Amir,  a resident of Charun village,  was the foster-brother of Sardar Hussain, who well fed the commission and used all his clout and traditional Chitrali hospitality to appease them for gaining the sympathies for his cousin. Both Sardar Hussain and Amir Muhammad  could not be contacted despite several phone calls to know their versions on the allegations levelled by the lawyer of Ghulam Muhammad.]]>

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  1. Dear Rehmatullah, you have said that Ghulam Muhammad is strong candidate compared to Sardar Hussain but I do not agree with you.
    Sardar Hussain is a true Leader of Chitral. He has served his whole life for politics and if he gets a chance we should have to be proud of him that such a talented person is representing Chitral in the Provincial assembly. He has the ability to raise Chitral’s issues at the national level.

  2. Dear Zulfiqar,
    With due respect, I humbly request you to give unbiased comment about any party. I have been noticing your comments before and after the elections. This is disappointing to see people like you in the media who promote favouritism in personalities and parties. You should take a correct track because I feel you are in an endless darkness.

  3. It is a major problem with all of us that we continue to drag all sorts of affiliations into politics.We make the scene as a tug of war, not elections. We should enjoy the process every minute of it was and is interesting and full of suspense like a suspense novel. Whosoever wins or looses isn’t a big deal, both are the sons of this beautiful land of Chitral and particularly Booni. Can’t we appreciate both the candidates for their hard-work and the fighting spirit. This election has made PK-90 the centre of attention for the media as well as the Electoral Commission. I think we should set aside the affiliations and enjoy the process and the positive aspects of this election.

  4. Right from the day when Musharraf announced that he would be contesting elections from Chitral to lifetime ban on him, participation of the APML only from Chitral to Ghulam Muhammad’s seven-vote victory, then Sardar Hussain challenging him, to the recounting of votes and its results, I have been in distress for the future of Chitral. Now our APML MNA has started complaining that despite losing the elections the PTI workers in Chitral are interfering in government departments.It seems everything in a total mess and chaos.
    From the recounting of the rejected votes and the postal ballots I have concluded that there was large scale Gapla in the polling booths on May 11 not only by the PPP walas, especially the Syed voters of Sardar Hussain, but also by the so-called contractor mafia. So I am also depressed that as far as dishonesty and cheat are concerned we the Chitralis are not lagging behind from people in other parts of Pakistan. I am saying this in the contest of NADRA report that only around 6,000 of the 71,000 votes polled in a constituency in Karachi were genuine, so if NADRA comes to Chitral the real face of the so-called Sharif Chitralis will be unmasked.
    Second, I would like to address MNA Iftikharuddin for whom I have great regard and hope that he will not let down the youth of Chitral. If he fails to deliver, I am sure, the people of Chitral will never vote an educated person again and will always go for the likes of GM and even worse. I am angry with Iftikhar because I think he has not been able to understand his worth. When he holds a meeting with the chief secretary of KP and comes out like if he has conquered Kashmir and his meeting will usher in an era of progress in Chitral, I lose my temper. What is the worth of the chief secretary in front of the elected representative of whole Chitral. We expect the MNA to meet the prime minister and persuade him to come directly to Chitral and announce projects that can be a catalyst for the development of the area. Had I been an MNA I would have considered going to the office of a lowly government officer with a request for some projects as an insult to the people of Chitral. I am sorry to say that the MNA has not been able to make a difference both in Islamabad and Chitral. I pity when he complains that the PTI workers are interfering in the working of the government departments. Here I will not blame the PTI but the MNA and the sitting MPAs for allowing un-elected people to become the representatives of Chitral. I think it is because of the inefficiency of the MNA and the MPAs that there is a power vacuum and the PTI walas are trying to fill that vacuum.
    As Ghulam Muhammad has been spending sleepless nights right from May 11, it would have been better for the MNA not only to take care of his responsibilities but also that of the MPA. There is still time for the legislators to wake up and realize their responsibilities instead of making lame excuses and trying to hoodwink the people of Chitral.
    Nadir Khan,

    1. Dear Nadir Khan, I would like to point it out that it is basically not the job of an MNA to get development projects for Chitral or build roads, bridges, etc. He is a legislator and is supposed to make law. We wrongly think that an MNA’s basic job is to do all the civic jobs which is not.

      1. Dear Mohammad Khan, you seem living in a western country, not in Peshawar. I am talking of the current system in Pakistan wherein funds right from mega projects to a street gutter line are used (or misused) by members of the provincial and national assemblies.

  5. I would like to say that I am not blaming your newspaper for these allegations against Sardar Hussain nor I have said it. It’s for those people who are fooling our poor people by holding press conference and are trying to defend their rigging in the last election.
    I am sure you all know the “Lady” who they rented during the election campaigns saying she is a party member of APML. In fact, it was a plan to fool the people. That was only one example of what they did. I can count hundreds.

  6. I feel sorry for people who believe that Sardar Hussain got a favour from the recounting commission.
    If you compare both Ghulam Mohd and Sardar Hussain, I am sure you all know who the strong candidate is in terms of money and backing from the big fishes and to say the Commission people stayed at PTDC and got fed by Amir which you say is the relative of Sardar hussain is absolute rubbish.
    If the commission was corrupt they would have asked Ghulam Moh for whatever amount of Money and I am 100% sure that Ghulam Mohd was waiting for any such demand but fortunately that did not happen.
    Secondly If you say the commission did favour Sardar Hussain in front of all of you why you did not ask the commission or why you did not walk out saying you do not trust them.
    Now that everything is over you guys making false allegation against a deserving winner
    One more thing I would like to add is, I have been following this whole recounting process through your newspaper and I did find Mr Zulfiqar has been constantly favoring one candidate.
    A reader from London, Uk

    1. We are tired of explaining in very clear terms that what we publish in this website is not stated by us nor it is our opinion. As is clear from the above news report, all these allegations have been levelled by Mr Waqas Ahmed, the lawyer of Ghulam Muhammad, and we have only reported it. He held a press conference in Chitral along with GM on Friday and stated that. If you want we should not report it, I am sorry you are wrong. If tomorrow Sardar Hussain counters the allegations we have to publish it. Before giving your sweeping judgment about our reporting and neutrality, you better read the contents of the story. If you say that the lawyer of GM is saying something wrong, you should come up with a reply to the lawyer instead of making us a party.

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