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CSSWA to set up coaching centre for Chitrali students

KARACHI, Oct 10: A meeting of the graduate and postgraduate students with Mr. Sher Jahan Sahil, the president CSSWA in the chair, here discussed various steps to resolve problems being faced by students in different educational institutions in in Karachi, said a press release. About 30 graduates and postgraduate students belonging to different areas of Chitral participated in the meeting. Fateh Ali Khan, the general secretary CSSWA, read out the agenda of the meeting. csswa p1 copyAddressing the meeting Mohammad Rahim said Chitrali youth were facing many social problems most common of them being low quality education, financial problems and unavailability of job opportunities. The government institutions are not working in proper manner. Majority of students from Chitral are in government colleges and universities. It may be fool to expect quality education in government colleges. It was stated that the CAP (centralized admission policy) continued in government institutions and will end by October 15, while in private colleges classes have already started from August 15. Hardly the students have two to three months to attend classes on a regular basis. That’s why the students are confused and using the private coaching classes to complete their courses and have to pay heavy amount to complete their courses in short time and this may bring additional financial burden to them. The participants passed a resolution and decided to open a coaching centre for Chitrali students. The centre will be run by CSSWA (Chitral Students & Social Welfare Association, a registered platform of Chitrali students in Karachi). In this way, the students will be able to complete their courses and also improve the quality of education. For this purpose, a group of students under the supervision of finance secretary CSSWO will start fund rising process. The participant said that unity and strong platform is the only solution to our problems and presently CSSWA is the only bright ray of hope for thousands of Chitrali students in Pakistan. We all are aware about the initial challenges faced by CSSWA and also aware how the association has to fight the menace of sectarianism, racism, regional bias and political blackmailing of each other.  ]]>

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